December 29, 2020

In 2020 more Jews visited the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem, then anytime in the last 2000 years

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JD: Let me talk to you about what the Bible, the ancient Jewish prophet Zechariah mentioned there in chapter 12 verse 2 about Jerusalem and in particular the Temple Mount being the center of controversy in the last days. There has been an effort to keep Jews off the Temple Mount this last year. However as I understand it there have been more Jews able to go up onto the Temple Mount this year than any other year, is that correct?

DD: That is correct. A substantially greater numbers of Jews mostly Orthodox Jews went up and prayed on the Temple Mount during the various holidays. Now a couple of the times the Temple Mount was completely closed off because of the Coronavirus but never the less again people are traveling. Israeli's love to travel abroad as you know but very few doing that this year. Many of the synagogs had limitations, all of them did in fact had limitations on how many could attend and this sort of thing. So where are they going to go pray? Well the Western Wall is one place but there are restrictions there but why not on the Temple Mount itself. So there has been a steady stream of Jews going up there. We're hearing larger numbers than every before in Israel's modern history. Of course the desire is to have that opened up entirely. 

But just a reminder earlier this week Jimmy that it's still a center of controversy. We had a young Palestinian go up there with a machine gun and open fire on the Israeli police post on the Temple Mount and he was shot dead. Just a reminder that this is a continuing crisis. He was shouting out that Arabs should not be visiting from abroad, from other countries the Temple Mount. This is a exclusively Muslim zone and until Jews are not there at all Muslims should not be coming up there in support of Israel in this essence is what he was saying.

JD: David Dolan revealing that more Jews visited the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in 2020 than any time in the last 2,000 years.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dave's report helps us to understand what the ancient Jewish prophet Zechariah was saying some 2,500 years ago. Zechariah's statement in Zechariah 12:2 revealed that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem would become the most controversial piece of real estate in the world and that would be just prior to the return of Jesus to the earth. Jews in 2020 made more visits than ever to the Temple Mount which actually sets the stage for Zechariah 12:2 to be fulfilled.