January 19, 2021

A major Rabbi in Israel says with America seemingly collapsing, Israel must become a superpower

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JD: Let me get right now to the conversation with David Dolan, I promised that. David I read a very interesting article just yesterday that was talking about one of the top Rabbis. This was the chief Rabbi for the Sephardic element of the body politic of Israel. He was making a statement that America is collapsing and Israel must step up as the new world power. Is that wishful thinking or is it braggadocio or what is that?

DD: Well I think it's exaggerated to say that Israel would become the new world power but the fading as it were of the US is being counted everywhere. The Iranians were boasting about that this week, the Turks were, the Russians were, the Chinese were, the North Koreans were. It's clear that there are huge eternal problems in the states that are probably not going to just disappear and maybe even civil war some are saying. So that means Israel has to stand more alone and look for other allies and that's both of which they're doing. They're strengthening their ties with India for instance and with Germany, France and other countries. But that they would become the new superpowers or something like that well that's what Iran has it states that quite openly that's not going to happen either. Israel will maybe have to act more on its own in the future and they are preparing for that.

JD: David you and I have both read the last chapter and ultimately that will be the case as it relates to Israel when Jesus Christ returns to the Earth and sets up His kingdom. He's going to do that from the city of Jerusalem and the nation of Israel will become somewhat of a superpower. So that's an exciting time to think about. It may not be happening right now but looking down the halls of history we'll see that happening pretty quickly I do believe don't you?

DD: I do and all I can say is Maranatha, Lord come because we need Him very very badly. But yes Israel will survive. It's strong and it's going to continue to thrive and Jerusalem will remain the capitol of the Jewish state, the Scriptures are clear about that.

JD: David Dolan explaining why the Israeli Rabbi believes that Israel must become a superpower.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Israeli Rabbi may be incorrect on the time of Israel's superpower status however, the Rabbi is correct on the ultimate destiny of the Jewish state. God's plan for Israel is a piece of real estate ten times of what they have today and the kingdom with Jesus as king of kings in that forever kingdom, that's II Samuel 7:16.