October 02, 2013

The Israeli PM says that the Jewish people have come home never to be uprooted again

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Israeli PM Netanyahu opened and closed his recent speech at the UN General Assembly quoting from the Bible. The PM actually was addressing the threat that the Iranian nuclear weapons of mass destruction program is to Israel and in fact to the entire world.

PM Netanyahu rejected the charm offensive of Iranian President Rouhani and said Rouhani was the architect of the present nuclear program in Iran plus in addition to that, as chief of the Iranian Security Council was responsible for all the terrorist attacks that Iran has perpetrated upon the entire world. The PM also reported that a look at Rouhani's record indicates that his actions do not match up with his rhetoric which means trouble for the Jewish state of Israel.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

In his recent speech at the UN, Israeli PM Netanyahu quoted Biblical prophecy that has been and will be fulfilled.

In responding to Iran's President Rouhani's speech at the UN General Assembly in NYC, the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu rejected Rouhani's charm offensive as mostly lies which do not match up with his activities as a leader in the nation of Iran. The PM used a number of Biblical references in his UN speech that spoke about Israel's past as well as its future.

He spoke of the Persian King Cyrus who 2500 years ago was responsible for bringing the Jewish people out of the Babylonian captivity and then allowing them to return to Jerusalem to rebuild their Temple, that's found in Ezra 2. Netanyahu also spoke of the prophecies in Ezekiel that relate to the Jews returning to the land of their forefathers, that can be found in Ezekiel 36 where 35 times it refers to the land and in fact the Lord tells Ezekiel to preach to the land and tell the land that it will receive the Jewish people who will prosper when they come back into the land.

He referred also to Ezekiel 37 which indicates that the Jewish people would be gathered from the four corners of the earth, they would be restored as a Jewish state among the states of this world. Then, the Israeli PM closed his speech with the following statement, "The Jewish people have come home never to be uprooted again". That is a prophetic truth from God's Word, a prophecy that is and will be fulfilled.