May 29, 2020

Another Christian Statesman has gone to be with the Lord in the heavenlies

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JD: This last week one of our dear friends Paul Bubar finished his race here on this earth and graduated to heaven. So I thought that it would be great for us to spend some of our time together this week talking about this great man of God.

DJ: Well Paul entered the presence of the Lord at 87 years old and was definitely a uniquely gifted man of God who served the Lord with Word of Life Fellowship for around six decades in a number of key roles over the years. Back in August Paul suffered a severally debilitating stroke just a few days before his daughter's wedding. Then she and her new husband and Paul's wife and others cared for him over these past 9 months in Florida, as they were never able to return to their home near Word of Life in the Adirondack of New York State.

JD: Paul had a fruitful, a long ministry and we praise the Lord how the Lord used Paul Bubar over the years.

David I think it's important for us to take time to do these kinds of tributes when these giants of the faith in their journey here on earth head to the heavenlies. It makes me wonder about who will come behind them in the next generation.

DJ: Well Jimmy I share your concern. As you and I were talking on the phone about this it occurred to me that a lot of these great men we've lost over the last few years had really already established themselves as theologians, scholars, and or ministry leaders by the time they were in their 40s and early 50s. We desperately need some theologically conservative guys with vision and passion and drive who are willing to step up to the plate. Who will be the next generation of great theologians, Bible teachers, and evangelist, pastors and missionaries, authors, and ministry leaders the possibilities are unlimited. I'm also encouraged because I've traveled around the world and taught the next generation for years. I've been able to connect to some younger guys and so I honestly hope there are more younger guys out there maybe even a few listening to us right now who are willing to say to the Lord I'll do anything, anywhere, anytime at any cost.

JD: David James with a tribute to Paul Bubar, a Christian statesman who recently went to be forever with his Lord in the heavenlies.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

It was an honor for Dave and me to spend a few moments discussing the life and ministry of a great Christian statesman, my friend Paul Bubar. I believe that we should honor those who have served the Lord for so many years and that explains the life and ministry of Paul Bubar. This report reminds me of the apostle Paul's last exhortation in II Timothy 4. Paul said preach the word in season and out of season. In other words preach the word all the time, any place, and under any circumstance.

May 28, 2020

Iran wants to destroy America as well as Israel

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JD: Iran's security forces have dedicated their existence to try to destroy the United States of America. What do we know about that?

KT: Well they have done that and then from the very beginning. Remember the event that cemented the advent of this Islamic regime into Tehran was the ceasing of the US embassy into Tehran on November 4, 1979. From the very beginning they have used America. They have been targeting America and been using America to mobilize the pro Islamic forces inside Iran to get them to work together with this Islamic regime. They're doing that through terrorist attacks, through taking hostages in the 1980s. Today they have proxy forces, Hezbollah in Lebanon. So they have proxy fighters in Yemen in Iraq and in Syria who are doing their best to strike at American forces or American allies. This remains the goal of the Islamic regime in Tehran, the big Satan and the little Satan.

And by the way that poster that you mentioned where Ayatollah Khamenei talks about the final solution with Israel that is not just an accidental term of a phrase. That is absolutely an appeal to Adolf Hitler. It is an appeal to what Hitler did in World War II. It is an appeal to Genoside and this Jimmy has always been what anti-Semites around the world do. They appeal to Hitler. You see this in the Palestinians territories as well on Palestinian tv. They have been doing this ever since World War II. It's all of a piece. It's very coherent and it's not accident that they always use the language of the Nazis.

JD: Ken Timmerman explaining the Iranian threat to America, the big Satan, as well as the threat to destroy Israel, the little Satan.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken's report gave us the history of the Iranian threat to destroy America. It also made the connection between Hitler and Nazism to Iran's motivation to destroy the big Satan, the United States of America, and the little Satan, the Jewish state of Israel.

Iran is driven by its satanic religion and its satanic eschatology. Iran's Mahdi its Islamic Messiah is a personage of Satan, a satanically energized being, that's Revelation 13:2.

Hitler wanted to kill all Jews. Iran also wants to rid this world of the Jewish people however, God will not allow that to happen.

May 27, 2020

David Dolan's Middle East News Update is like reading the prophetic passages of God's Word

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JD: The Supreme leader making the statement that it could be imminent the destruction of the state of Israel the final solution on a poster. But the Prime Minister making the statement that you threaten Israel you're going to face destruction. That's a pretty tough statement.

DD: Yes indeed he said that those who threaten Israel with destruction will bring the same carol on themselves. The new Defense Minister Benny Gantz said don't test us Israel and the Zionistry are an accomplished fact. I like the Iranian pawns attempting to destabilize the region. Well that came after the Ayatollah Khamenei the leader of Iran as you said to call for the obliteration of Israel.

JD: We see the United States seemingly endeavoring to move out of the Middle East which could pave a path for China to take over. Is that a viable possibility? What's the deal here?

DD: Well there's no doubt that the United States has taken a huge economic hit from the coronavirus. It's the most hit country in the world and the highest casualty so far and that will effect America's spending, America's military power. In fact some are comparing this to the collapse of the Soviet Union which went from being a super power to a second rate power within just a few years. They're saying this could happen to the United States.

Again Israel saying we will defend ourselves, we are ready to defend ourselves and stand up. But they do recognize that others want to enter that breach. Russia has been doing that. China is very actively trying to do that not only in the Middle East, in Europe, in Africa and other places as well. The Americans are very concerned about that especially the fact that Chinese companies have bought the Port of Haifa one of Israel's two main naval ports and import access areas. They're running that now and the Americans are not very happy about that. But the Israeli's are not that likely to cozy up that strongly to China but you know, they need all the friends they can get and China is trying to be that one at this time.

JD: David Dolan with a key report, his Middle East news update.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dave's Middle East news update is such an important report for each of us to stay informed on how the events happening in the Middle East are actually setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Today David mentioned Russia, Iran, and China all players mentioned in Bible prophecy. Russia and Iran in Ezekiel 38 and in Revelation 16 the kings of the east, China. David also spoke of America pulling out of the Middle East and how interesting that is since the United States is not mentioned in Bible prophecy. God's prophetic scenario found in the Bible will indeed be fulfilled.

May 26, 2020

The reflections of a Christian statesman on Jerusalem Day 1967

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JD: I know that Jerusalem is key to the Jewish people in Israel, the reunification of the city of Jerusalem on June 7, 1967. This is a key day is it not?

EM: Yes it is Jimmy. It lives in the hearts of the Jewish people for well over 2,000 years, a return there was a thing that next year in Jerusalem. They kept praying at every passover table. I had the opportunity and the privilege actually of interviewing and spending a great deal of time with General Uzi Narkiss who was the commanding General of the Central forces in Jerusalem. Who on June 7th went to the wall with those victorious paratroopers who took the wall. His observations are just fascinating actually.

On the night of June 6th he stood with rabbi Shlomo Goren who was a chief rabbi of Israel at the time looking over the Old City. Rabbi Goren told him he said, Uzi you're doing great things here, tomorrow you will have the opportunity to deliver back to the Jewish people what we've prayed for and longed for for 2,000 years. He said when you go to the wall remember I want to go with you. Uzi Narkiss told Shlomo Goren ok rabbi go look for a rams horn to blow when you get there. There's something that changes the whole face of their being because its Jerusalem. He said this though, he said but Elwood I felt as though I was standing there with every Jew who had ever been born in the history of Judaism. Rabbi Goren arrived with the rams horn and he blew the shofar inviting every Jew to come back home to Jerusalem.

JD: Dr. Elwood McQuaid and his reflections of Jerusalem Day, June 7, 1967 as told to him by the leader of the Israeli Defense Force soldiers that reunited the city of Jerusalem.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Elwood's rehearsal of the account of the military operation on June 7, 1967 during the Six Day War which was given to him by General Uzi Narkiss who was the commander that led the IDF soldiers that day is evidence of the connection between the Jews and Jerusalem that God has planned for the future. Those plans foretold in Psalm 132:13 & 14, Zechariah 6:12 & 13, and Zechariah 14:4. God's plan for the Jews and Jerusalem will indeed be played out seemingly very soon now.

May 22, 2020

Some American evangelicals say that Jews do not need to come to Jesus Christ to be saved

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JD: Another disturbing part of this whole story is that some Christians here in the United States have also criticized the God TV Programing and I'm wondering why in the world would they do that?

DJ: Well on Tuesday the website reported on it say Tennessee based evangelical leader Laurie Cardoza Moore has called on the Israeli government to ban God TV from broadcasting programs focused on converting Jews to Christianity. This suggest to me that she holds to what is called dual covenant theology. This means that she believes that Jews don't need to hear the gospel in order to be saved.

JD: The question of whether or not we need to be concerned about getting the gospel out to the Jewish people?

DJ: Well let's just pick up Paul's argument that you referred to in the book of Romans. We need to keep in mind Paul was ethnically Jewish. So in chapters 1 & 2 he makes it clear that all both Jews and Gentiles stand guilty before a holy God. In Romans 3 Paul says that none are righteous and that all have sinned. In the next chapter Paul makes it clear that no one can be saved by works including by keeping the law. In chapter 5 he says, God demonstrates His own love toward us and that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. In the next chapter we read that the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Then jumping ahead to Romans chapters 9-11 Paul turns to a discussion of the Jewish people and in the first few verses of chapter 9 he expresses a sorrow in grief for his brethren who have all the advantages of their heritage but still aren't saved. And then in Romans 10:13 we read that whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Then he asked a question how shall they call on Him and whom they have not believed, and how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard. Paul makes it clear in verse 12 that there's no difference between Jews and Gentiles all must hear that Jesus Christ the eternal son of God died for our sins and rose from the dead and must believe that to be saved.

JD: David James, Bible in hand, explaining what some Christian evangelicals refer to as dual covenant theology.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

As David mentioned the Apostle Paul who referred to himself as a Hebrew of the Hebrews a Pharisee considered all his Judaism as lost for Christ, that's Philippians 3:5-7. The Apostle also said in Romans 9:1-3 that he would accept being a curse, in other words willing to go to hell so that his brethren the Jewish people might come to know Jesus Christ. All people including the Jews must come to Jesus Christ for salvation.

May 21, 2020

It is not illegal to give the gospel to Jewish people in Israel

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JD: So then Meno actually you were able to find Jesus in the Old Testament that then encouraged you to establish a church to let other Jewish people recognize that Jesus was there as well. Is that basically your motivation for establishing a church?

MK: Well yes, the sum of 20 years in one sentence but it took along time. It took time but it is generally the idea.

JD: Have you been persecuted by those in Israel because you are a pastor of a church? In other words, I think I remember a most wanted sign for you because you were preaching the gospel is that correct?

MK: Yes it's correct. Again when a person is persecuted I'm ashamed to say its compelled to those in China and Africa that some of them were gunned down because claiming the gospel. So it did not come to this way to my life but you know it happened. But you know what it just brought us closer to the Lord and motivated us to do more.

JD: I have to ask this question of course it's a natural question after what you've been telling us. Have you ever done anything in the church that is against the law, a crime in Israel for simply preaching the gospel and trying to win Jews to Jesus Christ?

MK: No, we never did anything we just considered the lesson of the law. The law is very clear that man does not take money from a person in order to change their religion, number one. Number two, do not preach to minors. I do not preach to minors. We teach our children our youth in the church to know the Bible and to be able to share their faith. They do so to their friends at school, those who ask them. So children are speaking with children. Youth are speaking with youth. I do not speak with minors.

JD: Pastor Meno Kalisher from Jerusalem with the details as to why he is giving the gospel to Jews in Israel so that they can convert to Jesus Christ and why it is not illegal to do so.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

This report is evidence that what happened in the first century church in Jerusalem can and must happen today. A Hebrew of the Hebrews, the Apostle Paul wrote in the book of Romans that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. That the wages of sin is death and whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, that's Romans chapters 3, 6, 10. In fact the only reason that the Rapture has not happened is that the Lord is not willing that any should perish. He wants all to be saved, that's II Peter 3:9.

May 20, 2020

The divisions in America today could lead us to another civil war

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JD: Well some have even suggested that this divide could lead us into another Civil War. Do you think that's a viable possibility at all?

SR: I know that there are some who have said that. A rabbi from New York City said, "those Jews ought to be getting back to Israel" because he foresaw that there would be a Civil War in America. In reality Jimmy a nation cannot remain a nation without a common view of a greater power. I mean what is a nation? It's a common geography with common borders which is under attack as we know. It's a common language which as you know was undermined a long time ago and it's a common view of God.

We long ago said diversity, diversity, whatever you want, every view of religion is equal. I believe that because the three legs that make a nation a nation has been so undermined it does put at jeopardy the viability of our nation. When that happens it does ultimately resort to those who are fighting because they no longer have a point to which they agree.

JD: Well in fact Sam, I do believe that we have stated the problems pretty distinctly, but what is the answer how to solve this problem of this great division here in America?

SR: Because we as believers understand that at the heart of the issue everything is a spiritual issue. We know that we fight against spiritual wickedness in high places being in office. That we see evil vs good, the devil fighting against the powers of God. We see that in positions of authority that's just the way it is. The only way that there can be unity in a way that brings the blessings of freedom the blessing that come with what God promises is when we get back in agreement with who he is.

JD: Sam Rohrer explaining how America because she is so divided could develop into another Civil War.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Sam's report is shocking. The reality is the division in America could lead to another Civil War. Let me remind you that the United States is not mentioned in Bible prophecy. The question has to be what happens to America in the last days. Well the answer could be that the people of the United States could destroy themselves in a Civil War. Another answer could be the Rapture since the back bone of this nation is the born again Christian at the Rapture we all would depart and leave the United States inoperative. All we do know for sure is that God's plan for the future will happen without America.

May 19, 2020

China and Russia have a plan to defeat the United States

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JD: China is indeed in this world today a very major power but in Bible prophecy they will be the major power in the last maybe six months of the seven year Tribulation period. The Chinese are now watching the western Russian competition. Are they going to watch Russia and the United States tare each other up and then come to power?

KT: You know this is the old great power gain. We have been playing it for the past two generations with the Russians and the Chinese pinning one against the other. The Chinese are doing exactly the same thing. When they were in competition with Russia in the 60s and the 70s they needed the United States on their side to pin down the Soviet Union. Now that that conflict is over they are using Russia to pin us down. So yes they are watching what Russia is doing. They are trying to take advantage of Russia's weaknesses in Eurasia, their weaknesses in the caucuses in places like the Republic of Georgia. They are expanding their belt in road initiative to gain access to Western Europe and the Russian's are letting them do this.

There's no longer an open competition between Russia and China. There is a pretty much of a cooperation between the two. But there's no doubt in my mind that China is the ascendent power and Russia is on the decline. Russia is going along with this creeping Chinese expansionism because it is to their financial benefit and temporarily at least to their political benefit against the west. China offers them an out, an escape valve from western sanctions and that is critical to keeping the Russian economy alive.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details on how Russia and China have a plan to defeat the United States.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

At one time in the past China was using the United States to help Beijing to get the advantage over Russia. Now China and Russia are partners in their efforts to bring down America. This present scenario is actually a page out of the prophetic passages of the Bible. Both Russia and China will play a key role in the events of the Tribulation period, that seven year period of time between the Rapture and the return of Jesus Christ.

Russia is a leader of an alignment of nations to destroy Israel in the first half of the Tribulation period, that's Ezekiel 38. China will be the leader of the nations at the end of the Tribulation period, that's Revelation 16:12. The United States by the way is not mentioned in Bible prophecy for the last days. The stage is indeed set for these prophecies to be fulfilled.

May 18, 2020

The new Israeli government has three key leaders who have a background in military operations

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JD: You have the Prime Minister, the Defense Minister, and then the Foreign Minister those are the top three positions in any Israeli government. We know that the Prime Minister is going to be Benjamin Netanyahu. Benny Gantz who is the number two guy he's going to be the Defense Minister. But you know the Foreign Minister pretty well. He was the former Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Force Gabi Ashkenazi. Talk to us about this guy. I think you had a relationship with him when he was coming up through the ranks.

DD: Well yes Jimmy I was in South Lebanon when he first hit the headlines as it were in Israel. He was the deputy commander at the time of the Golonay brigade, the elite Israeli military units in the north that defend against Syria and Hezbollah mainly.

Very interesting background Jimmy even though his name is Ashkenazi which comes from Jews from Europe. His mother was a Syrian Jew. He has very unique views on Syria because of those family connections. He's very tough on Syria and very tough on Hezbollah, and also on the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip where he led some of the forces there. And of course he was Chief of Staff ultimately in the military. So the top three leaders of Israel right now have deep military experience. In the case of Netanyahu its more from running the Defense ministry for a while. But all of them are very very very deeply involved in what's going on regionally and with Syria and these sorts of things. So it will be really interesting to see what they come up with when they get into power.

The Likud, some of Netanyahu's own people were very upset that they weren't appointed to Cabinet positions. They revolted and said we want to be included, but he's got to balance with the Left Wing group joining the emergency coalition. So a lot of people have been left out and they're not happy with it.

JD: David Dolan with personal information on the top three leaders of the new Israeli government.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dave's report helps us to better understand the key leadership of the new Israeli government. God has set in place human government in our world so that the Lord could use these human leaders to set the direction this world will take in order to fulfill His will, that's Revelation 17:17.

4,500 years ago the Lord set this plan in place, Genesis 9:6. Over thousands of years we have witnessed how God's plan has brought us to today and the Lord's plan for the end of times. This new Israeli government will indeed be used by God to fulfill His plan.

May 15, 2020

A new book on the subject of a great awakening that is coming is a bait and switch type of book

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JD: David let's get to the book "The Great Awakening is Coming". What does it have to say about a future great awakening or a revival?

DJ: I would say that I was somewhat surprised by the book overall. It wasn't what I expected. The ads on Fox News give the impression the book would be what's in store for America but after reading the book that really all feels like marketing hype and is sort of a bait and switch.

Evans opens his book by saying, "God has given me a word that has shaken me to my knees." "I picked up an old Bible and a handwritten note fell out it was from a meeting I had with Dr. David Wilkerson." Wilkerson apparently told Evans the following, "I see a plague coming on the world and the bars and the churches and government will shut down, the plague will hit New York City and shake it like it has never been shaken." "The plague is going to force prayerless believers into radical prayer and into their Bibles and repentance will be the cry from the man of God in the pulpit and out of it will come a third grade awakening that will sweep America and the world.

JD: What can we expect in a global great awakening? In other words is that in the scriptures?

DJ: Well the Bible doesn't necessarily discuss everything that will happen in history between the first and second comings of Christ. But it does tell us what things would be like as we move deeper into the last days leading up to the Rapture in Daniel's 70th week. For example in I Timothy 4 Paul said now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith giving he to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons. The general global trend will likely be more toward conflict and apostasy then toward revival. We must continue to prepare people for the rapture and warn them of the judgment that's going to be coming afterward.

JD: David James with his Bible in his hand comes with his review of a book now on bookshelves entitled "A Great Awakening is Coming".

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David James warned us that the new book by Mike Evans uses the bait and switch method to get people to purchase this book. As David mentioned in his review there is no scripture to back up the fact of a great awakening coming to America and in fact the entire world. The apostle Paul warns us in I & II Timothy where he reveals the opposite is true. The church is heading towards doctrine of demons I Timothy 4:1 and denying the power of Godliness II Timothy 3:1-5. False teachers in the last days will pervert the truth of God's word. This is in the future according to Jesus, Matthew 24:4, 5, 11, 24.

May 14, 2020

Two Popes are in conflict at the Vatican

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JD: The relationship between the former Pope, Pope Benedict and today the present Pope, Pope Francis, Mike talk to me about this relationship between this former Pope and the present Pope. Tell me, how are they getting along?

MG: Previously they were getting along very well until Pope Benedict just released a new publicized autobiography and he said some very disturbing words that would go against Pope Francis. Pope Benedict was the author of the catechism of the Catholic church. So Pope Francis has been the pastoral Pope. In fact many people believe Pope Benedict stepped down because he did not have the gift of pastoring. And so now you see the clash of these two Popes.

Pope Benedict is said to be very conservative because he holds to his historic Catholicism. But Pope Francis being pastoral he wants to be all things to all people. He's actually creating a universal or global religion by eliminating in a doctrinal or dogmatic differences that might keep other religions from coming to form this global religion.

JD: Even though one is more conservative Benedict more conservative than Francis they're both moving in a wrong direction aren't they?

MG: Well they really are and both of them of course have the spirit of antichrist. They deny the words of our Lord Jesus Christ. You know for Pope Francis to say there is no hell, Jesus spoke more about hell than he did about heaven. In fact Jesus came to die on a cross to save people from hell so this is clearly the spirit of antichrist that Pope Francis is speaking in.

JD: Mike Gendron explaining the conflict between two Popes at the Vatican.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Since there are over one billion citizens of this world who profess to be of the Catholic church this report was needed to explain the conflict at the Vatican between the two Popes. One a former Pope, Pope Benedict and the other Pope Francis the present Pope. This conflict is focussed on the traditional doctrines of the Catholic church. A thorough study of the contents of this conflict will show that both Popes deny the truth of the Bible, God's absolute word.

Revelation 17 reveals a false church that will be headquartered in Rome Italy during the first three and a half years of the Tribulation period. This false church will be led by the antichrist mentioned in Revelation 17 as the beast. The conflict at the Vatican between two Popes is indeed setting the stage for the prophecy of Revelation 17 to be fulfilled.

May 13, 2020

An Israeli Unity Government has been confirmed

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JD: What's the latest Winkie from the Israeli Supreme Court on Netanyahu being allowed to form a government?

WM: Well the Supreme Court finally I think was stining. They had no alternative because the law is very clear on the issue that Mr. Netanyahu despite a criminal charge being placed before the court and then having to go to trial. The law says he can be the Prime Minister. There's no way that the Supreme Court could have turned that around. It has nothing to do with what the law says. So this week the past is cleared for Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Gantz to draw up their coalition agreements and to move ahead. And as happened on the Thursday 72 signatures were handed into the President of Israel Mr. Reuven Rivlin recommending that Mr. Netanyahu be given 14 days to set up a government which I think will probably be done actually by next week.

JD: You said 72 members of the Knesset signed onto that?

WM: Absolutely, 72. And of course to remind our listeners you only need 61 to have a majority.

JD: So that makes a very good coalition government coming together. Well any other road blocks in the way?

WM: Well the next step actually means that the Knesset will reconvene on Monday and Tuesday. The full coalition agreement will be place on the desks of every single of the 120 members of the Knesset. There will be a debate. Mr. Netanyahu and probably Mr. Gantz will present their government in terms of general policy statements. There will be a bit of a debate and within a day eventually motion to confirm the government. I think it's the 23 government maybe already, will be confirmed and then we can get on with the business at hand which means governing in a corona cycle, in an employment cycle, all that is giving us the ups and downs here in Israel.

JD: Winkie Medad with the details on how the Israeli unity government has been confirmed.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Confirmation of a unity government in Israel is good news to the Israelis after 17 months and 3 national elections without a government. This gives stability to the state of Israel and it warns Israel's enemies we are once again open for business to protect the Jewish nation surrounded by enemies that want to destroy this Jewish state. Israel is a powerful military operation in a very rough neighborhood. However, the bottom line is that God will protect His chosen people and nation. That scenario is found in Ezekiel 38:18 - 39:6. God will protect His people.

May 12, 2020

The Palestinians say that if Israel annexes Judea and Samaria they will break all agreements with the Jewish State

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JD: The Palestinians are saying if an annexation does take place they're going to tear up the Oslo Accord and all the other agreements that they have with Israel. I'm not so sure how bad it's going to be because they have not been abiding by the agreements basically anyway have they?

DD: They haven't Jimmy except in one area and that is security. There continues to be pretty good cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority over security matters. The US trained Palestinian security force pretty much keeps the laws. Of course they turned their own guns against Israel in the second uprising in 2000 but apart from that era it has worked out pretty well.

But yes now Abbas is saying if you go ahead in the next, well the plan is 35 percent of Judea and Samaria basically that the United States has signaled it would look the other way if Israel annexed those areas. Those are all Jewish dominated towns and neighborhoods in the West Bank in Judea and Samaria. And of course as you mentioned the Jordan Valley that for strategic purposes a very popular stand in Israel about 70 percent of the people want to see this happen. But of course Abbas says we'll pull out and you will have responsibility for everything again meaning economically and in a security zone.

They don't want to send their forces back into Annapolis and Ramallah and all Arab towns where there are no Jews where the soldiers in the past have been regularly attacked. So they're hoping that wouldn't happen. But again with the virus and everything else going on we'll have to see how this all develops. But it would be the worst time for Israel to have to assume those responsibilities from the Palestinian Authority.

JD: David Dolan reporting on the threat that the Palestinians gave to Israel about annexing Judea and Samaria.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David's Middle East news update is evidence that the Palestinians do not want to co-exist in the land of Israel. They want all of this territory for their Palestinian State called Palestine. The ancient Jewish prophet Malachi said that the Palestinians, the Edomites of Biblical times, the Palestinians would return and rebuild. The Lord in that first chapter of Malachi told the Palestinians that He would call their borders the borders of wickedness. Then the ancient prophet Obadiah said that at the Lord's return the Palestinians would be as if they had never been a people. These Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

May 11, 2020

Iran is pulling out of Syria

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JD: I understand that an Israeli Defense official has made the statement that Iran is pulling out of Syria. How serious is that statement?

KT: Well it's a big deal and it certainly appears to be very much some truth to this. The Iranians have been hammered, hammered, hammered again by the Israeli Defense forces, by the air force. The air force has hit their positions and their bases all across Syria not just close to Israel but as far away as you can get, up along the Iraqi border. The Iranians were not expecting that to happen. They thought the Russian's would protect them with their new S-300 and S-400 air defense missiles in Syria. The Russians have not protected them at all and the Israeli's have been able to penetrate those missile defenses.

Now it appears and really does appear to be true that they are starting to pull back some of the Revolutionary Guards forces in Syria. They're being hit very hard by the collapse in oil prices which was coordinated between Russia and Saudi Arabia as you would recall with just about two months ago. That's hitting them very very hard because 80 percent of their income of the government comes from the sale of oil. They're not able to get oil out onto the black market any longer because of US sanctions. So they're being hit very hard.

I would say one more very important thing about this Jimmy is that we're seeing now the pay off for what I think was a very courageous operation carried out by US Special Forces at the direction of President Trump in early January of this year to kill Qasem Soleimani the head of Iran's Quds force there overseas terrorist task force. They're the gorillas on the ground. These are the people who were running the operations in Syria. They no longer have the juice with the Iranian government that they had when Soleimani was alive. So by taking out Soleimani we have also, I won't say we have crippled the Quds force but we have definitely weakened them very seriously. And that's a good thing.

JD: Ken Timmerman with a report on the appearance that Iran is pulling out of Syria.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken Timmerman seems to confirm the statement of an Israeli official of the Israeli military community who also said that Iran is pulling out of Syria. At first blush this seems to be good news for the Israeli's. However, if you have read the prophetic scenario for the last days written by Ezekiel, the ancient Jewish prophet, Ezekiel 38:5 you'll know that Iran will be back to join the alignment of Islamic nations who want to destroy the Jewish State. A possible reprieve at this time however Iran will be back.

May 08, 2020

Proper Bible study is made up of three main principles

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JD: There's a technical interpretation and or a spiritual application to each of these verses we're looking at. I think it might be helpful to give a few of the principles that you and I use when we study the Bible and when we try to interpret and apply it correctly.

DJ: Proper Bible study is made up of three main parts. That's observation, interpretation and application. So the very first principle is that we must carefully observe the text before we do any interpretation. I would say that most of the Bible really doesn't need to be interpreted it just needs to be observed, accepted and applied.

Another principle is that the main question is not what does this passage mean to me. That's the application question. The right interpretation question is what does this mean to God and when we get that right we can apply the text correctly. You know a common mistake that many make is thinking that everything in the Bible is to us. Now the Bible definitely is for us but not everything is directly to us. So for example, some things were to Israel or just to specific churches or to specific individuals. So we need to be careful how we handle the word of God. You know it would be like reading a letter written to someone else and thinking it applies to us in the same way it does to them. If we know the author of that letter then we can learn something about them from that letter that we might be able to apply directly to our relationship with that person but that's different then if that person wrote that letter directly to us.

So the most important thing in studying the Bible is to study the context of the passages themselves. The text means what it means whether we see it or not. Then the historical context is sort of like using a flashlight when we're walking in the dark. It helps us to see what we might otherwise miss and that's what the historical context does for the Biblical passages that we would be studying.

JD: David James with Bible in hand explaining the three main principles for proper Bible study.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David's three principles for a proper Bible study of God's word are key. Let me repeat them for you: observation, interpretation and application. The apostle Paul exhorted all of us to study the word of God rightly dividing this word of truth, that's II Timothy 2:15. God said that and then He added that all scripture is given by inspiration of God. God breathed into man what He wants these Biblical authors to write down, that's II Timothy 3:16. In Paul's last book II Timothy he encouraged all of us to study his inspired book in these the last days, that's II Timothy 4:1-4.

May 07, 2020

The ever increasing number of Jews immigrating to Israel may be a result of the coronavirus pandemic

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JD: The Israeli's are expecting a huge wave of new immigrants this year. Boy, that is interesting and it sure is Biblical.

DD: It is Jimmy and you know to do with the virus they're pointing out that around 20 times as many Jews have died or become infected with it in the New York area as in Israel. The same in France and the same in Britain. The number of Israeli's that were infected were relatively low. Again, a small country and people are use to obeying government leaders in a times of crisis.

You might say well then why not stay in New York and why not stay in Paris. Why go to the Middle East where there are these wars? Well there's a Jewish State there too and it's a strong state and the people are committed to it. There's every reason to think that immigration will rocket after this Jimmy. I think it will. And of course there's anti-Semitism. We had the New York Mayor sort of blaming the whole Jewish community for a Jewish Orthodox funeral that attracted a lot of people in the New York area. Many Jewish leaders were very unhappy with that. So anti-Semitism out there but Israel the Jewish homeland remains in the opinion of many Jews the safest place to be on earth.

JD: David I just got a text this morning from a friend who recognized the news coming out of New York a very high ranking rabbi, a very well known rabbi is encouraging all of the Jews there to immigrate to Israel. This is a part of that motivation and it may be how God is using all of this to make His plan come about.

DD: All things work together for good in the Lord's plan. He has overall control and we can be thankful for that in these sorts of times. But yes indeed it's an interesting contrast between being a Jew in New York or in Paris or in London and being one in Israel. It's looking better and better all the time to be back in the Jewish homeland. I think we're going to see quite a surge of immigration once things calm down a little bit and the airlines get back to normal and that sort of thing.

JD: David Dolan with great insight into the reason for the expected increase in the number of Jews immigrating to Israel this year.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

God's will according to the Bible is for all Jews to come to the land that He has given them. Then the Lord promised to dwell among His chosen people, the Jewish people forever, that's Psalm 132:13 & 14.

The Lord said through the prophet Ezekiel that He would gather the Jews to the land that He has promised to give them from the four corners of the earth, that's Ezekiel 34 where the Lord repeats His will a number of times. God may well be using the coronavirus pandemic to fulfill His will.

May 06, 2020

Russia has weapons of mass destruction that could destroy the United States

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JD: Talk to me about the Cold War foes, the United States and Russia. They have sparked the biggest military spending jump in a decade. Are they getting ready to go to war?

KT: Well I don't think they're getting ready to go to war per say but you are absolutely right. This is a extremely important story that's gotten very little play in the national media. We've talked about it here on this program from time to time. The Russian government under Vladimir Putin over the past 10 years has dramatically increased military spending.

The current estimate is it's about 10% of what we spend in the United States. This is not accurate. That's in actual dollars translated from rubles. They're probably half of what we spend which is a huge increase after the Cold War. What the Putin regime has done is to spend most of that money on new generations of strategic nuclear weaponry. In other words weapons of mass destruction capable of wiping out the United States.

They have spent money also on developing on what's called a super EMP or electrical magnetic pulse bomb which could take out our entire electrical grid. They only need 2 of those weapons exploded in the atmosphere above the United States which they have the capability of doing to take down the entire national electronic grid in the United States. We do not have the capability even now under the Trump administration where awareness has been growing of the EMP threat. We do not have the ability to jump back quickly from an EMP attack. So Russia has been developing weapons that could take us out strategically. This is a recent development. It's something the people have not been paying attention to and I think it's extremely important.

JD: Ken Timmerman at the broadcast table with the details on how Russia's weapons of mass destruction could actually take out the United States.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken's report should get your attention as to the potential war between the United Sates and Russia. Although its a war that may not happen in the next few days it for sure could happen in the near future. I say that based on my knowledge of Bible prophecy. Ezekiel 38 reveals that Russia will be the leader of a coalition of Islamic nations which will endeavor to destroy the Jewish State of Israel. America is actually the only nation that could stop that war since the United States is not mention in Bible prophecy and Russia is, Ezekiel 38:2 mentioned as Magog. Remove America and that prophetic scenario will unfold.

May 05, 2020

Palestinian leaders deny the facts of history on Israel's 72nd birthday

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JD: What did the Palestinian Media have to say about Israel's 72nd Birthday?

IM: One of the fundamental principals of Palestinian Authority belief and ideology is that the Jewish people never had a state in the land of Israel, there never was a Temple, the Jews never had any connection to Jerusalem. And the only reason why Jews ended up in this land is because the Europeans wanted to get rid of their Jews and they had a second goal they wanted as colonial powers. They wanted to control the Middle East and control the oil.

So they decided let's kill two birds with one stone. Let's create a movement call it Zionism. Let's tell the Jews that they have a history in the land and then we'll be able to send the Jews to the land that was then called Palestine to be a way to get rid of Jews as well as a way of controlling the Arab Middle East and the Arab oil. This is something they've been saying for years and they repeated that message again just this week. Zionism they say was artificial based on no history. It is an outrageous lie.

JD: Has there ever been a Palestinian state?

IM: There has never been a Palestinian Arab state. There never was a Palestinian President, Palestinian king, Palestinian anything. Because how can you occupy land that never actually existed. It would have had to have been Palestinian and then occupied for it to be occupied Palestinian land. The Palestinians nation or so called Palestinian nation was actually created after Israel was already sitting in Judea and Samaria and they said ok let's call this occupied Palestinian territory. They use to put OPT (Occupied Palestinian Territory) when talking about Judea and Samaria. And like I said there never was Palestinians so it can't be Palestinian occupied territory.

JD: Itamar Marcus with the details on how the Palestinians deny the facts of history as it relates to the Jewish State's 72nd Anniversary.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Not only do the Palestinians deny the facts of history they have actually re-written history to fit their narrative for the existence of a Jewish State in the Middle East today. Someone can tell a lie enough times so that the entire world will accept it as truth. That is the case in the claim by the Palestinians in their denial of a Jewish State in our world today. Not only does secular history destroy that Palestinian claim but the Bible, God's word says that He has given the Jewish people a nation and a piece of real estate forever, that's Genesis 15 and Deuteronomy 30. God's word is absolute truth and Israel is tangible evidence of that truth.

May 04, 2020

The modern day Jewish State of Israel actually began in the late 1800's not in 1948

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JD: The Jewish State it actually did not start in May of 1948.

WM: You and I have discussed over the years the Biblical prophecies regarding restoration like in Isaiah that the people of Israel would return. Because we lost our independence by the Romans almost 2,000 years ago many Jews continue to come back to the land of Israel but of course they had no power.

When we refer to Zionism, the Zionist organization founded by Theodor Herzl in 1897 was the first Zionist congress in Basel Switzerland. The state was in a theoretical sense in a concept that yes the Jews should go home to their national home. I would have to say that began the foundation step in bringing Israel and the Jewish people back into history. And of course the League of Nations have said the Jews should have their own national homeland. The United Nations decided that there would be a Jewish State and an Arab State. The Arabs rejected that as they always have rejected territory of compromise. We ended up with a state and they had nothing.

JD: And for all of that work since the end of the late 1800's the activities resulted on May 14, 1948. I believe as I understand it at 4:30 in the afternoon the greatest announcement in all of history is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy was made there at Independence Hall by David Ben-Gurion.

WM: And of course there's always a back story. The British had set their day for leaving the mandate behind and finishing up on the 15th of May but that turned out to be Saturday. Saturday as we all know for the Jews is the Shabbat the Sabbath. So Ben-Gurion had to move that Declaration of Independence to the Friday as close as possible to the British leaving of the mandate the territory.

JD: Winkie Medad with the details behind the establishment of the modern day State of Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

As Winkie revealed to us the first Zionist Congress in the late 1800's brought forth the concept and the desire for the Jews today to have their own modern day state. However it was long before Theodor Herzl that God set in motion the events which would culminate in a Jewish State. The ancient Jewish prophets were given the pre-written history of the State of Israel. Those prophets would be Ezekiel 37, Jeremiah 31, and Zechariah 1 just to mention a few of the prophets. The modern day State of Israel has always been God's plan.

May 01, 2020

Replacement theology is Satanic and should be rejected

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JD: David I think as we wrap it up for today maybe you could briefly explain replacement theology and why it is a serious problem for the church today.

DJ: So as I said replacement theology is the idea that the church has replaced Israel and so national Israel has no place in God's program. Because replacement theology says that Israel is no longer the people of God and that God's promises and covenant with Israel has been transferred to the church. So this is a genuine problem.

Replacement theology is found in reformed churches which most would know as Presbyterian. But that few is also held by most Lutherans and really by most main line denominations. Now reformed theologians don't like the term replacement theology because they say there's only ever been one people of God. The church which goes back to Adam and that Israel just represented the church in the Old Testament. The factor made is this is a serious problem for many reasons. The promises and covenants that God gave to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and their descendants would have been understood literally by every single person in Israel for hundreds of years. Those promises and conditions were unconditional and they were eternal. Their fulfillment is dependent only on the faithfulness of God and failure on Israel's part cannot remove them from God's program.

According to Jeremiah 31 the day is coming when God will change their hearts and restore the nation. That's the New Covenant beginning in Jeremiah 31:31. And Jimmy it comes down to how we handle the Bible. How we interpret it and the method that we use. It means we need to take the Bible literally rather than spiritualizing things to apply to the church rather than to Israel. This is something that is a problem that is growing in even the Evangelical church and clearly its happening in churches across the world and its effecting the translations of the word of God itself.

JD: David James, Bible in hand with a brief explanation of replacement theology and why it is a bad theology.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible to be fulfilled.

Again let me remind you that replacement theology is a false theology if you actually take the Bible literally. God's word is the literal word from God to each of us today. That is the only objective approach to determining what the Lord is trying to tell us. The literally translation of God's word reveals His plan for us and the Jewish people for today and into the future. If God can lie to the Jews He can then lie to Christians about their eternal life and salvation. God cannot lie to anyone.