May 28, 2020

Iran wants to destroy America as well as Israel

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JD: Iran's security forces have dedicated their existence to try to destroy the United States of America. What do we know about that?

KT: Well they have done that and then from the very beginning. Remember the event that cemented the advent of this Islamic regime into Tehran was the ceasing of the US embassy into Tehran on November 4, 1979. From the very beginning they have used America. They have been targeting America and been using America to mobilize the pro Islamic forces inside Iran to get them to work together with this Islamic regime. They're doing that through terrorist attacks, through taking hostages in the 1980s. Today they have proxy forces, Hezbollah in Lebanon. So they have proxy fighters in Yemen in Iraq and in Syria who are doing their best to strike at American forces or American allies. This remains the goal of the Islamic regime in Tehran, the big Satan and the little Satan.

And by the way that poster that you mentioned where Ayatollah Khamenei talks about the final solution with Israel that is not just an accidental term of a phrase. That is absolutely an appeal to Adolf Hitler. It is an appeal to what Hitler did in World War II. It is an appeal to Genoside and this Jimmy has always been what anti-Semites around the world do. They appeal to Hitler. You see this in the Palestinians territories as well on Palestinian tv. They have been doing this ever since World War II. It's all of a piece. It's very coherent and it's not accident that they always use the language of the Nazis.

JD: Ken Timmerman explaining the Iranian threat to America, the big Satan, as well as the threat to destroy Israel, the little Satan.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken's report gave us the history of the Iranian threat to destroy America. It also made the connection between Hitler and Nazism to Iran's motivation to destroy the big Satan, the United States of America, and the little Satan, the Jewish state of Israel.

Iran is driven by its satanic religion and its satanic eschatology. Iran's Mahdi its Islamic Messiah is a personage of Satan, a satanically energized being, that's Revelation 13:2.

Hitler wanted to kill all Jews. Iran also wants to rid this world of the Jewish people however, God will not allow that to happen.