May 27, 2020

David Dolan's Middle East News Update is like reading the prophetic passages of God's Word

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JD: The Supreme leader making the statement that it could be imminent the destruction of the state of Israel the final solution on a poster. But the Prime Minister making the statement that you threaten Israel you're going to face destruction. That's a pretty tough statement.

DD: Yes indeed he said that those who threaten Israel with destruction will bring the same carol on themselves. The new Defense Minister Benny Gantz said don't test us Israel and the Zionistry are an accomplished fact. I like the Iranian pawns attempting to destabilize the region. Well that came after the Ayatollah Khamenei the leader of Iran as you said to call for the obliteration of Israel.

JD: We see the United States seemingly endeavoring to move out of the Middle East which could pave a path for China to take over. Is that a viable possibility? What's the deal here?

DD: Well there's no doubt that the United States has taken a huge economic hit from the coronavirus. It's the most hit country in the world and the highest casualty so far and that will effect America's spending, America's military power. In fact some are comparing this to the collapse of the Soviet Union which went from being a super power to a second rate power within just a few years. They're saying this could happen to the United States.

Again Israel saying we will defend ourselves, we are ready to defend ourselves and stand up. But they do recognize that others want to enter that breach. Russia has been doing that. China is very actively trying to do that not only in the Middle East, in Europe, in Africa and other places as well. The Americans are very concerned about that especially the fact that Chinese companies have bought the Port of Haifa one of Israel's two main naval ports and import access areas. They're running that now and the Americans are not very happy about that. But the Israeli's are not that likely to cozy up that strongly to China but you know, they need all the friends they can get and China is trying to be that one at this time.

JD: David Dolan with a key report, his Middle East news update.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dave's Middle East news update is such an important report for each of us to stay informed on how the events happening in the Middle East are actually setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Today David mentioned Russia, Iran, and China all players mentioned in Bible prophecy. Russia and Iran in Ezekiel 38 and in Revelation 16 the kings of the east, China. David also spoke of America pulling out of the Middle East and how interesting that is since the United States is not mentioned in Bible prophecy. God's prophetic scenario found in the Bible will indeed be fulfilled.