June 22, 2020

The Chinese military is increasing their nuclear weapon of mass destruction warheads in their arsenal

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JD: I have heard that there's a clash between India and China there at their border. A number of Indian soldiers have been killed. This is an uprising that is beginning a conflict that we have not talked about; what can you tell us about this?

KT: I don't think it's an uprising Jimmy, I think this was an accident in a way. It was a very long disputed border up in the mountains between India and China. It's a wild wild area. Apparently there had been some skirmishes that have taken place the past couple of weeks and the Indians sent someone there to moderate. The Chinese thought he was a provocateur and they started throwing stones at him. It was a very strange thing. There was no gun fire it was stones, pots, junk, and throwing it at each other, sticks and logs and you name it. And they finally pushed these Indian soldiers off of a cliff.

JD: Before we leave talking about China we've got a report that they increased their arsenal, their nuclear weapons of mass destruction arsenal just this last year about 30 new warheads. That doesn't sound good as we look at the overall picture for the world does it?

KT: It's an interesting development because the Chinese have announced it. Normally they keep their warhead production pretty quiet and pretty secretive. In fact there have long been rumors that the Chinese have as much as ten times as many warheads as the 300 or so that they've declared publicly to possess. They have long tunnels, deep tunnels beneath Beijing and other places where they're believed to stock pile additional warheads. But this is an interesting development because they have announced it. What they're showing is that they are modernizing their nuclear warheads with new technology that they have acquired over the past two decades. So they are quite likely to have significantly more powerful, more accurate, and more reliable warheads than the ones that they have had previously in their stockpile.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details on the Chinese military who has added more nuclear weapons of mass destruction warheads to their nuclear arsenal.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken's report is evidence of China's plan to become the number one military power in the world. China is in the news almost everyday as this communist country endeavors to accomplish this superpower status. China is part of the reference mentioned in Revelation 16:12 as the kings of the east. China and India make up the mass majority of those referred to in Bible prophecy. By the way prophecy that could well be fulfilled in the near future.