October 30, 2013

The Intelligence Community says the US will be out as the sole superpower by 2030

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The Intelligence Community has issued a report which projects that the US will no longer be the world's only superpower by 2030 and Asia will surpass North America and Europe combined with Asian population, military spending, and technological investment.

This report comes from the office of the Director of National Intelligence which states that the unipolar world that emerged after the fall of the Soviet Union will not continue.

Global trends project that the US will retain a role in the world in part because of its history and past leadership but nations like China, India, and Brazil are the rising world powers.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

With countries like China, India, and Brazil on the rise in our world today, the US will soon be reduced economically and militarily no longer to be the only superpower in our world which is a scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy for the last days.

Many political pundits and world thinkers have said that the economic crisis which the US faces will play a key role in knocking the US out of superpower status. Militarily, China is quickly becoming an equal to the US and there are projections that China will overtake the US in military power in the near future. Students of Bible prophecy have for some years known that the US is not in Bible prophecy as a player in the last days. One suggestion is that at the Rapture of the Church, the US will be rendered weak since the backbone of America is the born again Christian who will leave at the Rapture, I Thessalonians 4:13-18.

Both China and India are included in the prophetic phrase, "Kings of the East" found in Revelation 16:12 and they will be key players at the end of the seven year Tribulation Period. Other nations in the Middle East will form a coalition of nations that align themselves to try to destroy the Jewish state of Israel at the beginning of the Tribulation, Ezekiel 38, Daniel 11, and Psalm 83. Between the Rapture which happens just before the Tribulation Period and the return of Jesus Christ at the end of that terrible time of trouble, much judgment will come upon the world including the nations already mentioned in this report as well as the US.