January 18, 2018

Scientists are reporting a mysterious sound that is coming to earth from some three billion light years away

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JD: This mysterious sound that’s coming from way far out in space. Some are saying possibly a black hole, talk to me about this sound that’s coming from way out in space.

DD: Well yes Jimmy, new discovery’s and findings from space continue that recent article is all about what is called a fast radio burst. It’s just a burst of energy that is picked up with some of our instruments. Not sure whether it’s coming from far far away or not so far. It’s kind of mysterious but a high energy halts. Now it might be called a sound but it’s not something that you would hear. It’s really a radio signal. What it is no one knows and of course some of the far out ideas always that it might be aliens. As you say it may be coming from perhaps a neutron star or black holes interacting with each other.

JD: I noticed what you just said you don’t know if it’s coming from close or from far away. But as I read the article it seems like the scientist they’re saying it was coming from three billion light years away. Now, if that is the case that’s a far distance out there. Can you help us understand what one light year is and then compare that to three billion?

DD: In astronomy these distance are always a stretch of our minds. A light year is the distance that light travels during an entire year and that’s about six trillion miles. The nearest night time star is about four of those light years away. So, then when you get into million or billions of light years it’s just unfathomable distances that you’re talking about. That burst of energy the thought first of all is that maybe it was just coming from earth from one of our own machines or something but that was ruled out.

Whether it’s coming from that far away billions of light years if it is it’s a huge concentration of energy out there. Time may tell whether it’s coming from our own milky way or coming from a far away galaxy.  

JD: Dr. Don DeYoung an astronomer with this report which is evidence of the vastness of the heavens.

 We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

This mysterious sound from some three billion light years away has not yet been identified. However one thing is for sure the heavens above have an expanse that super naturally was brought into existence. This heavenly expanse declares the glory of the Lord, that’s Psalm 19.

This report also can confirm that the creator Jesus Christ, Colossians 1:16, that Jesus can reveal the future as well because he is the beginning and the end, that’s Revelation 1:11. The future foretold by Jesus Christ will come to pass.