September 19, 2019

Scientists say that dinosaurs were destroyed by an asteroid some 66 million years ago which, by the way, contradicts the Bible

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JD: 66 million years ago there was supposedly a dinosaur killing asteroid that hit the earth. With the first question, how do they know it was 66 million years ago? How accurate can they judge that?

DD: That number 66 million years is coming from the uniform view of the slow formation of the earth’s layers. The 65 million years is by no means a fact.

JD: Is it more interesting to think about it well it was maybe 6,000 years ago?

DD: Interesting thing Jimmy this mile thickness above it is all limestone which we believe was deposited during the Genesis flood.

JD: And that of course would be about 4,500 years ago so it brings it into that young earth time period of about 6,000 years from creation up until today. This has been the story that I’ve heard for so many years Don, that it was an asteroid that came out of the heavens hit the earth and destroyed all of the dinosaurs. Now as I understand it dinosaurs which is a great creative act by the Lord they were created on the 6th day of creation. Can we say that all the dinosaurs were killed? Do they have evidence of that?

DD: Well no that’s very debatable. Dinosaurs were part of day number 6 the creation week. They lived in early history. Adam could have well have named the types of dinosaurs. What happened to the dinosaurs is another question. Instead of some sort of asteroid or comet collision we believe that the earth got colder in the post flood years. There was an ice age and maybe that led to the gradual extinction of the dinosaurs.

One more thing about that crater that’s interesting Jimmy what they’re finding at the bottom of it are bits of soil and bits of vegetation. We would do the alternative that the debris that they find in that crater was initial material from the flood. The crater itself is a testimony to the Genesis flood.   

JD: Dr. Don DeYoung explaining the fake news of the scientific world on the destruction of dinosaurs on this earth.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Don DeYoung a scientist and who is also a Bible believing Christian says that the Biblical account on where dinosaurs have gone is the absolute truth. True science is where the scientist had to observe the event and be able to replicate the event. That is not the case in the disappearance of dinosaurs. As Don told us his source the Bible explains the past and the future and is absolute in both cases.