April 05, 2021

There is an alignment of nations in the Middle East that was foretold some twenty-five hundred years ago

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JD: The war torn country of Iraq its Prime Minister is seeking to boost ties in the first visit that they are going to have with Saudi Arabia. The Iraqis need some good help and assistance there in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia could be that help could they not?

KT: Well that's what the Iraqis are hoping but the Prime Minister has to really appease the Saudis and reassure them that Iraqi territory is not going to be used by Iranian proxies to attack them. So Prime Minister Al-Kadhimi the Iraqi really had to focus on that in his talks with the King and the Crown Prince. But much more important than what happened in the past is his promise that there will not be any attacks in the future and that's absolutely key in if he's going to unlock Saudi help for Iraq's failing economy.

JD: Information I want to find out from you about the warming relationships between Turkey and Egypt. Is this some type of a sign of shifting geo-political activities?

KT: Well a very early sign. Look remember this that Turkey broke off relations with Egypt in 2013 after Muhammad Al-Masri the Muslim brotherhood President was deposed in a popular revolution that ultimately led to brought General Al Sisi to power. So Turkey had been backing the Muslim brotherhood. The Turks sent a tug boat into the Suez Canal to help free up that enormous, that gigantic roll on roll off cargo ship that was stuck in the Canal and blocking traffic for many days. But this is something that is just starting to develop Jimmy. We'll have to keep eyes on this in the coming months. 

JD: Ken Timmerman explaining an alignment of nations in the Middle East which was foretold by the ancient Jewish prophets.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Four different ancient Jewish prophets foretold history over 2,000 years ago and today we see what Daniel, King David the Psalmist, John the Apostle, and the prophet Ezekiel said then coming together today. Ken's report mentioned Iraq and Saudi Arabia and that would be Revelation 18 for Iraq, Psalm 83:6 for Saudi Arabia. Ezekiel mentioned Turkey in Ezekiel 38:2 & 6 and Daniel 11:40 spoke of the Kings of the South that would be Egypt. God used these four prophets to reveal this prophetic scenario for the end times.