February 06, 2019

The United Nations sponsored the International Holocaust Remembrance Day

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JD: We want to talk about the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Now that’s something that was put in place by the United Nations, and Winkie let me find out from you why the United Nations did this. It seems like so many of their resolutions are against the Jewish state of Israel. Why did they decide to remember Holocaust Day and try to get the world to do exactly that?

WM: I’m going to make an educated guess. The normal Holocaust Day activities among the Jewish people of course is centered on a date on which the war so ghetto revoked broke out in late April of 1943. They managed to stave off the Nazi German troops in some cases for up to three weeks. You have to remember Jimmy that the Jews were not exactly a people with their own army or police force or institutions either in Germany, Austria, Poland or other countries under the Nazi boot.

So that’s quite a remarkable military event and of course we in Israel looks towards it as part of Holocaust that we remember the six million who were sent to gas in the crematorium but they managed to revolt and resist as much as possible. That message maybe a little bite too Jewish a message or too Israeli a message for some people, so the United Nations picked the day on which Auschwitz was liberated in late January as the International Holocaust Day which is true. Not only Jews were in Auschwitz or other concentration camps. And so they try to make it a little bit more of an International marking or recall of that era without a little bit less emphasis on the Jewish element.

JD: Winkie Medad with his insight into the reasoning behind the United Nations decision to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day sponsored by the United Nations recently had the world to stop and remember the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust during WW2. Thought the United Nations wanted to mark that day less only focus on the Jews it did remind prophecy students of a worse Holocaust yet to come.

In the time of Jacobs trouble Jeremiah 30:7, Zechariah the ancient Jewish prophet says that the worse Holocaust will happen in the future, that’s Zechariah 13:8.