April 07, 2016

Twitter is becoming a major player in geopolitical events in our world

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Twitter, the short messaging website, has moved onto the world stage as a major player in geopolitical events and is being used as a means to spread late breaking news to the world as well as becoming a diplomatic tool and a source for gathering intelligence information.

In the recent riots in Teheran, demonstrators used Twitter when the world media was barred from making reports from the scene. Israeli diplomats say that Twitter has revolutionized Israeli diplomacy; however, Israeli intel agents fear that Twitter or Facebook may be used by enemies of the Jewish state to extract information from unsuspecting military personnel and pass it along to Israel's enemies.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Twitter, Facebook and any other short messaging websites are today becoming major players in geopolitical events, but will also be significant in future events according to Bible prophecy.

During the mass demonstrations protesting the Iranian elections, Twitter became the major source of news coming out of Iran. In fact, Twitter is also an important tool in diplomacy as Israeli diplomats have learned. It is a tool that can help change world opinion and do that in a hurry.

The speed of communications will play a key role in the End Times according to Bible prophecy. Revelation 18 explains the last 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation, that seven year time of intense judgment on the earth and earth dwellers. The passage explains that the international headquarters for a one world leader, the Antichrist, will be in Iraq, Biblical Babylon and they will need instant communications to control the buying and selling of everything. Revelation 13:15-16 reveals that during this time, everyone on earth will have an identification mark in order to buy or sell. Though Christians will not have to worry about this time, those remaining on earth after the Rapture, when Christians leave this world, will be faced with this scenario.

Indeed Twitter and Facebook are preparing the world for this prophetic scenario to be played out.