November 29, 2019

The media has been covering the testimony of rap artist Kanye West, and asking "Is it true or not?"

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JD: This has been a polarizing issue. Can you give us some examples of things that are being said and maybe some guidance as believers today?

DJ: There has been a lot of fairly strong reaction among both Christians and non-Christians from rejoicing on one end of the spectrum to vilifying him at the other end with a lot of other people in between. The Daily Beast ran an article in October with the title, “Kanye West, Jesus is King is Fake Christianity at its Finest”. That album the article cynically says, now we have what many to expect to be West first full foray into gospel and well it just sounds like Kanye being Kanye with more scripture.

Back in October West apparently said if you believe that Jesus died for your sins then you know the gospel, that’s the gospel. Said simple Christians we would be making it too hard for people to come and be involved in this. Just a couple of weeks ago West performed at the Astroworld Festival in the Houston area where Marilyn Manson also performed his hit song Antichrist Superstar; so that’s not good. On the other hand a lot of people are praising Kanye for turning his life around and being outspoken for the Lord. And they say young believers make a lot of mistakes and so many are forgiving at least for now.

Personally I’m probably some where between being cautiously skeptical and cautiously optimistic. Only the Lord knows the truth of the matter but if I were discipling him I would advise him to drop off the radar for at least a couple of years, learn the word of God and quietly serve the Lord out of the public eye. Paul cautions people going into ministry don’t be a novice because they can be puffed up with pride and fall into condemnation nation of the devil.

JD: David James with his Bible in his hand and the details on the report that rap artist Kanye West is now a born again Christian.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dave’s report on the testimony of Kanye West having received Jesus Christ as his savior is cautiously optimistic. As a new convert Kanye needs to spend time in the Bible before he moves full force into Christian ministry. The lyrics to Kanye’s song Jesus is King is not correct today. I John chapter 2 states that Jesus is now our intercessor. Jesus indeed will be king when God the Father gives him his dominion and makes him king. And that happens when Jesus comes back to the earth, Daniel 7:13 &14. Ministry for Christian Ministers must be Biblically correct. We all must study God’s prophetic word which is one-third of the Bible.

November 27, 2019

A recent meteor shower displayed to the world the Glory of Jesus Christ

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JD: Are we misusing the term shower? Is it the Earth going through all these items in space or are they actually falling towards the Earth?

DD: Well these debris clouds are orbiting the sun as well and what happens is our orbit of our Earth happens to intersect their orbit that’s when we see them. So everything is moving. We actually move through there and we would say we sweep them up. So our gravity captures them so then they fall through the upper air.

Now some of these particles Jimmy are large enough that they do not vaporize. They’ll survive the trip and hit the ground and then they become a meteorite and people collect those. These are either metal or rock. They’re rather rare these rocks from space that can be found on the ground.

JD: But all of this a part of God’s creative act there in chapter 1 on the fourth day right?

DD: Well it certainly is Jimmy and further more these meteor showers I would say are showing the growing old of the Earth. If these were previous comets that have disintegrated there gone and now they’re sweeping up their debris I think it’s all a demonstration that the Earth is growing old, waxing old like a garment as scripture says and wearing down. Of course some day the Lord will return and make a new Heavens and new Earth because this present one is fading away.

JD: Until that time as Psalm 19 tells us the Heavens do declare His glory. And it’s great to be able to watch all of these things happening isn’t it?

DD: Well it certainly is. It’s part of the beauty of space. Yes, even in a world that’s far from perfect under the fall, under the curse we can still see the beauty in the way the Lord has set up this whole system for our well being. And meteor showers are just another dramatic sign of God’s presence and His control over all things.

JD: Don DeYoung with the details behind the recent meteor shower that displayed the glory of the Lord to the entire world.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

In Don’s report on the recent meteor shower he said that these showers are evidence that this Earth is winding down or actually dying. Revelation 21 speaks of a new Heaven and a new Earth. II Peter 3:10 says that this old Earth and Heaven will burn up and then the new. With four words Jesus brought the Heavens and all that is in them into existence on the fourth day of creation. Isaiah 65:17 also speaks of a new Heaven and a new Earth. Once again Jesus will create that new Heaven and new Earth. However until that happens these Heavens we see today declare the glory of the Lord, that’s Psalm 19. The Lord is in control of everything.