October 05, 2017

The recent Republican party primary in Alabama is evidence that God puts in place those political leaders that He wants who will then fulfill God's plan for the future

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JD: You know it’s interesting to me because of the fact of my brand new series that I’m preaching across the country today entitled President’s, Politics, and Prophecy. In this series I’m bringing out the information that the Lord puts in place political leaders for the purpose of setting his plan in operation for the end times, and that's from Revelation 17:17 where it says that the Lord put into the hearts of political leaders to accomplish his will. Do you think that the Democratic Party and all the people in Washington there as they say in the swamp are going to go after Judge Moore to try and keep him from trying to get to the United States Senate?

BC: Interesting word you just used Jimmy, and that is swamp. Because that really became the way to disarray was being couched. It was Roy Moore representing the constant political outsider versus Luther Strange who was receiving millions of dollars from the Republican establishment, which many referred to as the “sloth” because of the circumstances surrounding his deployment as I already said and the support he was receiving from the Republican establishment. He became the establishment candidate, he was defined as that.

Conventional wisdom is that in a deeply red state such as Alabama you will have the republican candidate who will win in a landslide. You’re going to have this attempt to paint the former Chief Justice as an extremist, a religious right wing sell it, he’s way out of the main stream. The LGBT lobby is going to get involved in shifted in overdrive. Planned Parenthood will want to have a say I would anticipate.

I think that the campaign will be all about the views of Judge Roy Moore. I think that gives an opportunity for Christians to examine their own positions on various issues. But I think we need to be aware that there is going to be an on slot with respect to Chief Justice Roy Moore and they’re going to attempt to paint him as an over religious candidate that’s out of the main stream of American politics.

JD: Bob Crittendon in Montgomery, Alabama with the details behind the Republican Party Primary where Judge Roy Moore won the election.

God sent human government in place some 4,500 years ago as recorded in Genesis 9:6. Down through history the Lord has used human government to accomplish his will and he will do that for the future as well, that’s Revelation 17:17. Political leaders will be used by God to direct human kind in God’s plan for the future.