February 14, 2020

During the time of the Democratic Party primaries voters must realize that they are voting for a party platform more then an individual

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JD: As I've heard you say before the elections voting for actually a platform more than just an individual. Now talk to me about that.

DJ: Well while there are Democrats and Republicans and Independents with hardly any day light between them in terms of personal beliefs or philosophy of governments or conduct in world views. There are some significant differences when it comes to the platforms they have aligned themselves with.

Let's just think about some of these major platform differences. So for example philosophically Democrats tend to be socially and culturally liberal while Republicans tend to be socially and culturally conservative. Theologically Democrats I would say tend to be more liberal and progressive in their thinking with regard to the Bible and its teaching where as Republicans broadly again there are exceptions, broadly tend to be more conservative.

Concerning the view of the Constitution Democrats tend to adapt the interpretation of the Constitution to changing social values where as Republicans strive to apply the original intent of the framers to present issues. In other words they tend to be originalist. Concerning political values Democrats would tend to argue that we should be ruled by the majority a democracy where as Republicans would understand we're governed by elected representatives thus making us a republic.

Concerning the stance on marriage most Democrats would support gay marriage including hormone therapy and exposing children to transgenderism where as Republicans would tend to oppose this on the whole. And concerning abortions Democrats would want to liberalize Roe vs Wade even including for some of them post birth abortions as they call it where as Republicans tend to want to further restrict or repeal Roe vs Wade and recast this as a states rights issue. So for example, can a Christian support Buttigieg since he's gay and knowing that he's publicly stated that life begins when a breath is taken at birth.

JD: David James explaining that when you vote you are actually voting for a party platform more than just an individual.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dave's report helps us to see how our vote in any national political race is a vote for a party platform more than an individual. We do have a franchise to vote to elect the leaders of our nation even though Romans 13:1 states that these leaders are ordained of God. We must vote. These elected officials will be used to set God's plan for the future in place, that's II Chronicles 36 and Ezra 1.