June 20, 2017

Israeli officials are asking whether President Trump can have a Middle East peace breakthrough this next year

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JD: With your experience in covering the Middle East for over 35 years, can indeed President Trump see some kind of a breakthrough in the peace process in the upcoming year?

DD: I’ve been saying for a long time on your program and elsewhere that there can be no serious peace process until the elephant in the room, which is Hamas control over half of the Palestinian population. Hamas a terrorist organization totally opposed to the peace process ceasing control of the Gaza Strip from the Palestinian Authority. There can be no serious peace process while that breach inside the Palestinian world remains. The Palestinian Authority is finally trying to reign in Hamas and gain control again over the Gaza Strip and put them in their place in essence.

So, pressure is coming on Hamas now from Egypt, from Israel, and from most importantly from the Palestinian Authority and they seem to be trying to take back that region and if they can succeed in doing that then the peace process could seriously go forward. But more evidence Jimmy that that’s not really the case, we had the Secretary of State Tillerson claim a couple of days ago that the PA has agreed to stop making payments to terrorist and their families, especially the families of terrorist. Well, now the PA is saying that isn’t the case. It’s a dubious claim possibly but at least it’s more evidence that the Trump administration is really pushing this thing behind the scenes. They seem to have identified what the Obama administration did not which is the need to first suppress the radical Moslems admits the Palestinians before there’s going to be any real chance of this thing going forward.

JD: David Dolan and his insight into the efforts by President Trump in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Many United States Presidents and other world leaders have tried to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict all to no avail. President Trump has promised to pull this deal together. He may try to solve this 4,000-year-old conflict but the final solution will only come when the Messiah Jesus Christ comes again. I say that by the authority of the Bible; Obadiah 15-18 is that passage of scripture. The ancient Jewish prophet reveals the only lasting solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict will me made by Jesus Christ at his return. The conflict will continue and actually intensify until the Messiah comes the second time and that will be at least 7 years from now after the tribulation period.