September 08, 2020

Moslems cover up an entrance to the Temple Mount that would have led, possibly, to the Ark of the Covenant

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JD: There was one of the stones that they used for pavement as you go up onto the Temple Mount that fell through and opened up a gap or a hole there in the Temple Mount platform. There was an immediate response from archeologist in Israel that wanted to go through that hole and develop what archeological remains or treasures actually that might be down there. But by the end of the week the Waqf who is the Islamic trust with custodial control of the Temple Mount filled it up with cement. Some are even saying, I read someone say that may have well been a tunnel to the chamber to where the Ark of the Covenant is. Can you tell us anything about what happened there?

DD: Jimmy what happened there is what's happened many times before where potential important archeological discovers have been made and the Moslems have come in and shut it down. The most famous was up on the Temple Mount. This was in the 1990s when they were doing some work at the Israeli police station in one corner of the Mount there and they were doing some digging and they uncovered an ancient wall and a corner of two walls. It was in the right position to possibly have been the outer wall of the second Temple. Archeologist immediately recognized that possibility and rushed up there and within days the Palestinians started pouring concrete in and built a garden over it. Never has the research continued since then. So this has happened before Jimmy. 

They don't want further confirmations that Israel existed in the holy land in ancient times that there was Jewish Temple there. In fact there were several of them over the years on and on and on. They call it the Judaization of Jerusalem in attempt by the Jews to make it a Jewish history when it doesn't exist, it never had Jews there etc. Well those are all ridiculous statements and all archeologist of any serious nature toss them aside and they should and would love to be able to go and examine these things when they are first uncovered but again the cover up continues from the Palestinian side.

JD: David Dolan with the details on how the Moslems stopped Israeli archeologist on the Temple Mount.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dave's report is evidence of how the Islamic world keeps the Jews from proving their history on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Moslems deny any Jewish history on the Temple Mount and they do that by denying the Jewish archeologist from getting artifacts to prove that history especially the proof of the Ark of the Covenant at the Temple Mount, that's II Chronicles 35:3.