December 07, 2018

Some evangelical leaders are becoming "political puppets' which they may find out is not going to end well

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JD: David one of my concerns has been that there have been at least some evangelical leaders who are actually getting involved jumping into the fray.

DJ: Its not only this issue, it’s actually on a multiple number of fronts. There are a number of evangelical leaders who have met in recent months with other Middle Eastern leaders. For example, they met with the President of the United Arab emirates. There was a delegation made up of evangelical leaders from the United States.

We have talked about this before on this program our concern about a merging of the political right with the religious right. I’m somewhat concerned and again we’ll talk about this in a moment as well that this is not necessarily going to end well. And I’m concerned that perhaps that some evangelicals may be being used as political puppets in this really huge geo-political chess match that is the Middle East.  

JD: David, one of our biggest concerns about this process is this increasing, merging and blurring of lines between the political right in this country and the religious right. It seems that this is ultimately going to lead to some significant problems if we aren’t very careful to keep the too separate.

DJ: I would agree with you. I think if you’re going to be a politician be a great politician as a believer. But if you’re going to be a minister of the Gospel which most of these people are keep your focus don’t lose your focus on that. Let the politicians do their work and keep your focus on preaching the Gospel. If you mix the two you’re going to end up with theological compromise, you’re going to end up with political compromise, you’re going to end up with moral compromise and it’s simply going to lead to confusion both in the Middle East as well as in the United States. And I think we need to be very very careful that we are very clear and we are very focused in the jobs the Lord has given each of us to do.

JD: David James with the concerns that we have on evangelical leaders becoming political puppets and not realizing that this may not end well at all.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David James gave us a report that evangelical puppets may think it is important to allow themselves to be used as political puppets for whatever reasons. Some of the evangelical leaders may want the publicity or the popularity or for any other reason at all. Whatever the motivation it is taking their eyes off the mark, Philippians 3:14, and they are not focusing on the first thing first. Remember we are ambassadors for Christ, II Corinthians 5:20 and are here on earth to spread the Gospel and lead people to Jesus Christ.