August 03, 2017

President Trump, on a Tweet, said there will be no transgenders that will serve in the US military

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JD: The President sent out a Tweet it said, no transgenders can serve in the military. But can you give us from the military prospective what is a definition of transgender as it relates to the military?

BM: Well clearly it’s somebody that has a gender dysphoria. They’re unhappy with their biological affects as a result they want to change either from being a man to being a woman or to being a woman into being a man. There’s an interesting piece in one of the magazines by Dr. Paul McHugh out of John Hopkins who is a psychiatrist and his conclusion and I think it’s important here, you can feminize a man or you can masculinize a woman but you can’t change their DNA. You can’t change what they were originally created to be.

It’s interesting further that those that may make a decision that they want to change their gender will inevitably 4 out of 5 reverse that decision. Unfortunately we have people that are pushing an agenda that could care less about the impact it has for the likes of the US military.

JD: Let me ask a bottom line question Bob, do the transgenders help or harm the military mission?

BM: Well as far as I’m concerned they harm because they attack basically the cohesion the trust and confidence of small units where you don’t know whether or not there’s a sexual interest because you can’t tell from their exterior what their thinking or what they might do. This just doesn’t follow.

JD: Colonel Bob Maginnis at the Pentagon with details about transgenders serving in the military.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

When President Trump Tweeted out his plan for no transgenders in the military those opposed to this policy began to push back on the President. In fact, that Tweet has started a national debate on the issue. My purpose in this report is not to give my opinion however, what does God’s word have to say about the issue.

In Paul’s statement on this type of issue which is found in Romans chapter 1 and it’s talking about changing God’s plan for human kind in sexual orientation. Jesus said in Luke 17:28 that his return to earth would happen when abnormal sexual activity is taking place and in fact, is increasing in its activity. That is happening today which is preparing for the Lords return.