February 02, 2017

World leaders are warning President Trump that if he moves the US Embassy to Jerusalem it could spark a major war in the Middle East

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JD: It seems that Donald Trump has some hesitation as to the fact that he would move the American Embassy into Jerusalem and do it right away. Now he’s made a lot of promises committed to doing it, what’s your reaction to all of this and what are you reading and hearing?

DD: Well Jimmy first off we hear from various republican leaders and various diplomats and world leaders and other that have been saying be careful about this because it could set off an explosion in the Middle East that would mean you the new President of the United States are in a war effectively, you know, the first months in office because of this action.

It also comes after the Iranian revolutionary guard; he said that they would consider it an act of war if the embassy were moved from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem and that they would march in and reverse that. That appears to be the background that caused President Trump to at least dilute his promise. But Jimmy, what’s being suggested in Israel is that a compromise might be set up. Where as David Friedman the new US Ambassador to Israel will live and work most of the time in Jerusalem at the consulate there and will only occasionally visit the Tel-Aviv embassy.

The official embassy would still remain in Tel-Aviv. But the ambassador, who does the main work of the embassy and is the main contact obviously with the Israeli government from the United States, would live and work mostly in Jerusalem. It’s being suggested he would move to the official American consulate apartment and do his work there. If that happens President Trump can say affectively we have moved our work to Jerusalem, our ambassador is residing there without actually making the official move and there by setting off a potential war. Of course the Israelis do want to see the US embassy official move to Jerusalem but they are very cognizant of the potential conflict it could set off, and Hamas and Hezbollah have also made threatening noises. The Israelis want to see it moved but of course they don’t want to see another war.

JD: David Dolan with that Middle East new update.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled.

It does not matter what the Trump administration does about the location of the United States embassy, whether in Jerusalem or not. Jerusalem will be the united, undivided, eternal political capital of the Jewish people, that’s found in the Bible, God’s Word and it’s found in Psalm 132:13&14, Zechariah 12:16 and 6:13, II Samuel chapter 7 which is the Davidic covenant, and Ezekiel 37:26&28. These Prophecies guarantee that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people.