December 02, 2020

The government of the United States came into existence some 400 years ago when the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts

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JD: You said the Mayflower Compact, it's a prototype of the Constitution of the United States based upon Biblical principals was it not Paul?

PB: You know Jimmy as I've studied those separatist that were pastored by James Robinson had such a devout understanding of the Jewish foundation of scripture and really studied it from a Jewish prospective. Quite frankly came to the right conclusions on everything for all human history going back to Nimrod. Always had the idea of the king or in the divine right of kings the man that would ascend to the mountain top to commune with the gods and then bring God's message down to man. You know it was always a top down rule. Whenever the king spoke the people were his subjects and he spoke and they jumped. But as the Bible had been translated into English and the Englishmen were able to ready it for themselves and see what it actually said rather than what the bishops were telling them it said. 

There were a couple of groups of decenter. One were the Puritans they sought to stay within the church of England and attempt to purify the church from within. The other was what we call the separatist and a group of them were the Pilgrims who said the church is so messed up we're going to study the Bible and do it God's way. They organized local congregations of the people. Then as the New Testament gives instruction they were to choose out from among themselves pastors and deacons. So they would constitute a church government. It was that exact same style that they crafted. 

They were tough a comprehensive Biblical worldview, no such thing as compartmentalizing their faith. But when they got to the new world they crafted the same thing. That had never happened in human history. There had never been a time where equals came together and created their own government, their own rule of law and then pledge to be subject by that rule of law recognizing that there was no superior authority or divine right of kings that they would chose out among themselves their governors to govern righteously. So once a year they would cast a ballot to elect their governor who is considered the most trusted man to lead the community.

JD: Paul Blair rehearsing the story of the Pilgrims in Plymouth Massachusetts establishing the government that is in place here in America.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Paul's account of the first human government set up here in America is a government that followed the Biblical principal from Genesis 9:6. It is a government where God ordains its leadership, that's Romans 13:1. This government will be a government under the leadership of Jesus Christ in the near future.