September 01, 2017

In California, a kindergarten teaching children, had a discussion for the 4-5 year olds about whether they could change their sex from male to female or vise-versa

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JD: The term transgender is a misnomer I believe, because no one can change their gender no matter how they might feel about their birth gender or what they might do to their body. Am I correct?

DJ: Well that’s right. One of the things I don’t hear people talking about but I think it’s an important point is that when we are conserved we are an eternal soul and we will live for eternity somewhere. And we also in believing what the Bible teaches we believe in the resurrection of the physical body. So, no matter what someone may do to their body there’s still their DNA genetically their either male or female. And in the resurrection they will receive a body that corresponds to the DNA, their genetics at the point at conception. All those who go through this are going to spend eternity in a body that corresponds to the gender that in which they were conceived. So, these are eternal issues these go to the core of truth and fact.

JD: And I think we always need to emphasize that the apostle Paul talks about this downward spiral of moral degradation, which is found there in Romans chapter 1.    

DJ: And I don’t think we can go to this enough as we go deeper and deeper into the last days because these are indications that we are closer to the return of Jesus Christ. In Romans chapter 1 verse 19 he says because what may be known of God is manifest in them. And then in verse 20 at the end of the verse he says so they are without excuse. And then Paul gets into what I call the death spiral of humanity, a humanity going deeper and deeper into sin. You see this progression it goes to idolatries.

And then you get down to verse 22 he says they change the glory of incorruptible God into an image made by a corruptible man. Verse 24, God also gave them up to uncleanness in the lust of their heart to dishonor their bodies among themselves. Then he goes on to describe homosexual behavior. And so at the bottom of this spiral which is what happens just prior to judgment the next thing on the calendar when you reach the bottom of this death spiral is Gods judgment and one sign of that is pervasive homosexual behavior and giving attention to that. And we are seeing that it’s not something that’s happening just in the U.S.  it’s happening around the world.

JD: David James with this report and an exhortation from the word of God.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

God’s word is absolute about homosexuality and transgender activity. For more information read Genesis chapter 19, Luke 17, and Romans chapter 1. These passages describe the days in which we are living; a day just prior to the time of judgment that will come upon this world in the future.