February 04, 2020

With Great Britain leaving the European Union, this political operation is on it's way to becoming the Revived Roman Empire

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JD: Talk to me about this historic event happening and what's ahead for the next year.

JR: Yes, it's been three and a half years of term oil in Europe of Brexit. It's a reality and indeed there's little change until the end of 2020. There's an 11 month transition period. So we see many of the scare tactics were innocuous. But it is a new day for the European Union and so it will not be the same. There's going to be a shape into political equilibrium. They're going to work extremely hard now to rebuild their influence and to work to be relevant. And so the question is what will the EU turn into now. This is a inflection point. And as we know we can expect eventually a political core.

JD: When you talk about a political core what are you referring to?

JR: Well I believe of course we have the Biblical understanding that we will have a 10 nation confederation based in the location of the ancient Roman Empire. And so hear we are seeing that the European Union going from 28 countries to 27 countries which is official. We see that has reached an 8  and therefore we are having a new phase where countries will kick out of the European Union. Whenever the next one will be we don't know. But we are looking for an eventual 10 nation confederation in the European Union at the beginning of this which will be the eventual power base of the antichrist.

JD: John Rood with the details behind how a change in the European Union is on its way to becoming the Revived Roman Empire.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The European Union was once a 28 member state organization. It is now a 27 member state political group. This departure of Great Britain reveals a desire by the European Union member states to leave the European Union as well. As of now we know of 17 other nations that want out of the European Union. That would leave of course 10 nations in the EU which is prophetically significant. Daniel chapters 2 & 7 call for a 10 nation Revived Roman Empire in the future. Revelation 17:12 states the exact same scenario. Bible prophecy is on its way to complete fulfillment.