January 05, 2018

Deceptive Bible Prophecy teachers have actually set the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled

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JD: We endeavor to try to give you a Biblical prospective as to how to deal with issues. We’re going to continue our theme a review of major topics in 2017 and a preview or a prospective for 2018. As I recall 2017 another issue that we’ve addressed several times was the endless speculation and the sensationalism in the area of end times prophecy, which of course is made worse by good Bible teachers sharing the platform with those who mishandle the word of God.

DJ: Well of course there were many examples that we could cite. But one of them that we focused on was the Blessed Hope Prophecy forum, which took place in October in Norman, Oklahoma. And as you noted there were a number of good solid Bible teachers there who we would say were accurate in their handling in the word of God.

But there were also those that we have used the term the post modern prophetic paradigm preachers who engaged in speculation. They seem to come up with new ideas all the time. And this is a serious problem for people who go from conference to conference because when you have a good Bible teacher followed by a bad one and for those who listen in on streaming or who are in attendance they can’t differentiate necessarily. And they would see this appearing on the same stage as an endorsement and we have to be really careful. I would encourage our listeners to be very careful in to how they chose who they listen to and compare against everything to scripture.

JD: David James with the details behind the headline in the news today.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Bible prophecy teachers have actually dropped the word Bible from that phrase and are now known as simply prophecy teachers. The absence of the Bible in their teaching is an important indication that we are living in the time of the return to the earth of Jesus Christ. Now, I’m not talking about the rapture I’m talking about the second coming.

Matthew 24 gives us directly from Jesus Christ himself the most important sign for the second coming for Jesus and that would be deception. Matthew 24:4, 5, 11, and 24 all use the word deception as the number one sign of the second coming. II Corinthians chapter 11 says that this deception will only increase as we get closer to the second coming of Jesus Christ and of course the rapture will proceed by seven years that second coming.