May 25, 2021

President Biden's demand for a cease fire may have put Israel in danger

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JD: I understand Winkie that from the White House President Biden actually in a conversation with Prime Minister Netanyahu demanded that deescalation take place of the war in the Gaza Strip and go to a cease fire. Is that pretty much on target?

WM: Well I don't know exactly about the tone or the language. I wasn't tribute to that conversation. On the other hand I must point out that the United States gave Israel to a certain extent over a week. The point is though that the United States should be promoting the security of those people under attack and not when we defend ourselves to stop our ability. We here in Israel due to of course the media being broadcast over the website and the internet we see all sorts of commentators from comedians to fairly serious people saying oh you're defending yourself with an iron dome and you're basically 99% affected, you shouldn't be striking back at Hamas. Well someone has to stop Hamas. Someone's got to put an end to the missile firing. 

These comedians on television or other people including Jimmy representatives in the United States Congress like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib for example, or even what we call AOC there in New York asking for an end to Israel's being armed by America the arms sales. This is not doing anybody any help because if it doesn't have precision bombs we're going to be doing a lot more damage in Gaza and actually hurting the Gazan's more than anybody else. Instead of working against Hamas when there's no violence, telling them to disarm, telling them to stop their ideological propaganda that to ignore and all of a sudden it blows up in our faces and Israel seems to get the brunt of the criticism. 

JD: Winkie Medad explaining how President Biden's demand for Israel to go to a cease fire with Hamas is putting Israel and Jews around the world in danger.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Political decisions do have consequences especially when the United States makes a decision that effects the Jewish state of Israel, that's Revelation 17:17. Taking a weak stand against an Islamic terror organization like Hamas as it relates to Israel puts the Jewish state and Jews around the world in harms way, that's Obadiah verses 15 & 16.