May 18, 2018

Jerusalem is not only the political capital of the state of Israel but it is the universal capital as well, and that is forever

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JD: I thought it would be pretty helpful for us to think about the significance of Jerusalem.

DJ: And certainly there is no more important city in all of the world. Not only is it the capital of Israel and ultimately will be the capital of the world. It will actually be the capital of the universe and the capital of God’s theocratic kingdom not only during the millennial reign of Christ but then in the new heavens and the new earth it will be the headquarters of God's theocratic kingdom for all of eternity. So, I think it’s always right and helpful for us to bring attention to that and to help our listeners really understand this because we are living in a time where the vast majority of the world in fact, even the vast majority of Christians would deny those facts.

JD: Well certainly the regions surrounding Jerusalem figures into God’s plan from the very first to the very last chapter of the Bible.

DJ: Well that’s right it’s mentioned hundreds of times and as we know the Rabbi’s actually believe that Mount Mariah which is where Abraham was going to sacrifice his son Isaac and where ultimately the holy of hollies stood in the first and second Temples. That was actually the foundation stone upon which God created Adam. But clearly that place which is also identified as Zion and also as God’s holy mountain which is symbolic of God’s place of rule throughout the universe, the holy mountain of God that’s traced all the way through scripture and it seems like every time we turn around in scripture the emphases back there and ultimately there will be an earthly Jerusalem. But then we also read and at the end of Revelation that the new Jerusalem was descending out of heaven as a bride adorned for her wedding. So, it would just really be impossible to over state the significance of the holy city of Jerusalem.

JD: David James with Bible in hand giving us the significance of the city of Jerusalem.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The word Jerusalem is mentioned 764 times in the Bible from Genesis all the way through to Revelation. The Bible tells us that Jerusalem is the political capital of Israel, that’s II Samuel chapter 5. It is also the spiritual capital of the Jewish State, II Samuel chapter 6 and the eternal capital of Israel and in fact, the entire universe as well, that’s II Samuel chapter 7. This information all according to God’s plan for the holy city Jerusalem, forever.