July 03, 2018

An ongoing war in the Middle East could become a major world war very quickly

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JD: A major conflict in the Middle East if indeed Israel goes after the Iranian forces.

DD: Well it would be Jimmy but again it’s probably not going to be started by Israel. The Iranians have already crossed so many red lines and the Israeli’s again the war is on going. We’re not talking about a potential war this is on going. This week for instance Israeli jets struck a cargo plane that had just landed at the Damascus airport full of weapons for Hezbollah, they struck it right at the airport. This is an on going war but if there’s any action at all that would be the trip wire for a complete regional conflict.

Turkey of course we have news there Erdogan winning re-election and taking more and more dictorial powers. He supports Syria and Russia and Iran in this growing conflict. We have Egypt taking the west side mostly Hamas of course under the control more or less of Iran stepping up its action and Israel stepping up counter actions this week. All sorts of things going on Jimmy but yes indeed a recent conflict and again the key I believe and many annalist believe will be this summit between Putin and Trump. What will Trump say? What red lines will he lay down? Because certainly the United States will back its closest ally Israel and another of its closes allies Saudi Arabia in this show down with Iran and Russia.

This is the potential we’re looking at Jimmy is a world war starting here. Now I’m not predicting that but all of the elements of that are now in place and again rockets are being fired. They’re coming across borders; they’re being fried at capital cities, this is happening as we speak. It’s a war it’s just a question of how big and how fast it will go and will it end up with Israel striking Iran’s nuclear program. This sort of thing those are remaining questions.

JD: David Dolan’s report indicating that an on going war in the Middle East could become a major world wide war.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David Dolan’s Middle East news update today is an alert to the possibility of a major war in the Middle East which could become not only a regional war but could spread to the entire world. That is actually the end time scenario which Bible prophecy calls for as written by the ancient Jewish prophets. In fact Jesus said in his Olivet Discourse wars and rumors of wars were a key indication of the time when he Jesus would return to the earth, that’s Matthew 24:6 & 7. Daniel and Ezekiel wrote of a time when a war in the Middle East would be a way to recognize the time of the end which seems to be very close at hand.