August 24, 2015

The social network Facebook is being used to call for the total destruction of the Jewish state of Israel

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After a massive internet campaign used to pressure the popular social networking site Facebook into removing the Moslem page calling for the third uprising against Israel, another page has surfaced entitled "Subscribe Now to the Palestinian Intifada" - a Palestinian uprising against Israel. On the page, "Make the Prophet Number One on Facebook", there are numbers of links to sites of other Facebook pages promoting a massive attempt to carry out the destruction of the state of Israel. 

Facebook is also being used to summon millions of Moslems to march into Israel with additional pages calling for one billion Moslems to destroy Israel and exterminate the Jewish people. 

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The social network Facebook has been used to call for one billion Moslems to march into Israel and destroy the Jewish state, a page which is actually right out of Bible prophecy for the last days.

It has become common knowledge that the social network Facebook has been used very effectively in the organization of the street demonstrations throughout the Arab world. Now this same communications vehicle is being used to call for one billion Moslems to march into Israel to destroy the state and exterminate the Jews. There are Facebook fan pages that are promoting the popularity of Allah the Islamic god and to make him number one on Facebook. Though the media has been very vocal in praising the use of Facebook in the popular uprisings in the Arab world, they have been very silent on condemning the use of Facebook calling for the extermination of the Jewish people. 

This misuse of Facebook by radical Moslems is in essence a page out of Bible prophecy. The Psalmist in Psalm 83:4 wrote that the enemies of Israel will indeed call for their total destruction and that the memory of the Jewish people might be blotted out. Zechariah 13:8, Revelation 12:13-17, and other prophetic passages foretell of a time during the Tribulation, the Time of Jacob's Trouble, that there will be many Jews killed, up to two out of every three Jews on the Earth. The Lord will intercede to protect the Jewish people from total extermination however, until this heavenly intervention, the Jews will suffer persecution and death as called for on Facebook. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.