August 10, 2020

The catastrophic explosion in Beirut is still a mystery

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JD: Ken a mystery is swirling around what caused the ammonium nitrate to explode there in Beirut. Can you give us any insight at all?

KT: Well to start with Jimmy the port of Beirut has been controlled by Hezbollah for quite some time. There is some information out there that a Hezbollah team may have been working on a bomb with some of that explosive and connected a detonator improperly. It's called the bozo factory. But then that igniting the entire warehouse. It was not from what we know so far an intentional explosion. It was an accident but it may have been caused by Hezbollah. 

What's interesting is that since this enormous explosion which has got to be the largest non nuclear explosion in the history of the world. Over 2,000 tons, a million pounds of ammonium nitrate everybody is pointing fingers to Hezbollah. We don't know how directly their involved in the actual explosion yet. 

JD: Ken, am I correct that terrorist out there across the world use ammonium nitrate in order to build a bomb to use in their attacks?

KT: Absolutely correct. It's called an antho bomb ammonium nitrate fuel oil. You mix the two together and you get a deadly combination. It's not sure how that happened in Beirut. There has been accidental explosions with ammonium nitrate but this was just unbelievable. Now the other thing we saw in the immediate aftermath when countries in Europe and in particular the French, the Italians and others were sending in aid to Beirut coming into the airport. You had three 747's from Iran run by the Iranian air force controlled by the Iranian air force coming into the Beirut airport. Normally when they do that the Israeli's will take them out because they know they're bringing weapons this time they did not. So the Iranians are clearly in there as well. We don't know what they brought in those 3 747's but its an awful lot of cargo and if they're bringing in humanitarian aid you would think they would be boasting about it and they have not.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details that we know today about the catastrophic explosion in Beirut Lebanon. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken's report is a precursor type report on how the news will be reported during the Tribulation period. The devastation in Beirut with over 150 people killed and almost 5,000 people injured is a sample, a prototype of the news reporting during the Tribulation. This period is described in Revelation chapters 4-19. 16 chapters of details on that terrible time of judgment to come.