August 07, 2018

Hamas, the terrorist organization, is calling for all Jews to be killed

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JD: Hamas that’s the Islamic terror organization in the Gaza Strip. Hamas is claiming that their protest are peaceful and then they turn around and call for the killing of every Jew in Israel. It seems to be some what of an inconsistency doesn't it?

DD: Well Jimmy even beyond their words it’s their actions that really count. And they have definitely done very little at the least to stop the rioting that’s been going on now for several months especially every Friday along the Gaza border. In recent weeks they’ve done a bit more but before that they just looked the other way and in fact encouraged it.

It’s not just the rioting it’s the hundreds of forest and field fires that have been started the drones that have been sent over. And of course we’ve continued to have rocket fire periodically during this period from Gaza which Hamas controls. The Israeli’s just don’t even listen to that sort of talk anymore because as Prime Minister Netanyahu warned Hamas two weeks ago it’s your actions we’re watching, your actions are nefarious, we’re tired of it, get ready we can end this completely. Lieberman the Defense Minister echoing that, you may be about to thrown out of power and of course that’s while the international community is debating whether the same might happen to Iran the sponsor of Hamas. So interesting times indeed.

JD: David Dolan with the details on peaceful Palestinians who are calling for all Jews to be killed.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is heating up and may well break out into a real war. David Dolan’s report is evidence of how this 4,000-year-old conflict could explode. Hamas claims that their recent protest are peaceful but at the same time the Palestinian leadership is calling for the Palestinians to kill all Jews. This is an echo of the prophetic scenario found for the Palestinians in the book of Ezekiel 35:5 & 10. Kill the Jews and steal their land, that’s their motive operation according to Bible prophecy. These passages are explaining the last days and the conflict between the Jews and the Palestinians. Obadiah reveals that the end game of this battle is that when the Messiah Jesus Christ returns he will give all of his promises to the Jewish people and wipe out the Palestinians as if they have never been, that’s Obadiah verses 15-18.