October 07, 2020

The future of Syrian President Bashar Assad and his nation Syria may depend on the outcome of the United States Presidential elections

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JD: Ken let me talk to you about Bashar Assad his future and seemingly the Civil War, the nine year long Civil War really could hinge on what happens in the US Presidential elections. What does that mean? That's the headline, talk to me about the headline.

KT: It could Jimmy because President Trump and the former Vice President Joe Biden have very different approaches for Syria and Iran because let's not forget that Syria is a client state of Iran. They are a client state of Iran and Russia, both of them. But the Syrians, Assad would not be in power today if it were not for the support of Iranian regime and of the military support he's getting from Russia. So the two Presidential candidates the President and Biden have very different approaches. 

Biden would like to revive the Iran deal. He would like to allow Iran to re-enter world commerce to be able to trade in dollar, to be able to spread basically their evil around the world without being constrained by the United Stated. President Trump has been trying to contain and constrain Iran and put pressure on them to pressure on the regime while talking about helping the Pro Freedom Movement inside the country. He's trying to encourage the Pro Freedom Movement. Where as we know Biden when he was Vice President put a damper on the Pro Freedom Movement. All of this will impact Assad and Assad's future. President Trump has said he does not want to have a footprint in Syria. He wants to bring US troops home. Biden has said he would keep a US footprint in Syria. To tell you the truth nobody really knows what's going to happen to Assad after the election. I happen to think it's going to be far more important what happens with Russia and Syria and their relationship to Assad than anything the United Sates will be doing.

JD: Ken Timmerman on the details behind the future of Syrian President Assad and his nation which may be dependent on the outcome of the American Presidential election.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken's report gave us great insight into the future of Syria and it's President Bashar Assad being dependent on the outcome of the United States Presidential election. However, I think the ancient Jewish prophet Daniel has the real answer to the question of the future of Syria and Assad. Daniel 11:40 mentions Syria as the king of the north which will lead the alignment of nations to try and destroy the Jewish state of Israel. Syria will indeed make the first move to fulfill that prophecy.