February 28, 2019

Evolution is not scientific fact, it is a theory

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JD: Let’s talk about Charles Darwin, his birthday last week. Evolution is what he brought forth in this world it was a evolutionary theory; just take a moment as we begin our discussion and explain this theory.

DD: Well certainly Jimmy. It’s not that he originated evolution, he popularized it. It had already been around for a while and the time was right for it to take over. You know evolution is I see it as a counter fit. It just goes down the road of talking about origins and how things develop aside from scripture. And not to put down those who favor it they’re not dummies it’s a whole intellectual area, it’s wrong. It counters scripture but it is very inviting to people who do turn their back on supernatural creation. The idea is that life some how spontaneous originates and then over time mutations occur to life and it changes and improves and then natural selection sorts it out. It’s quite the theory. You can see how people get swallowed up by it, of course there’s major problems all along the way.

We all have the same data Jimmy, it’s just different interpretations. For us we clearly see creation and the other side continues to champion the idea of spontaneous accidental changes over time. I might say one of the greatest evidences we have in the creation viewpoints is the fossil record. Darwin himself realized that there were problems with fossils because we don’t have all of these intermediate steps; the missing links are still missing. As far back as you go back to when fossils formed during the flood we see distinct kinds of separate categories that God established at the beginning.

The time question is another area. I think there’s strong evidence that the earth, the moon and the universe is not as old as they say and that rules out evolution right away. Even if you have lots of time of course it still wouldn’t happen. But good evidence for a recent supernatural creation.

JD: A true scientist Dr. Don DeYoung with the Biblical approach to our existence in this world today as compared to the theory of evolution.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is exactly that, a theory. God’s account of creation as recorded in Genesis 1 is based upon better science than the evolutionary theory. Both by the way must be believed and understood by faith. However, that is faith in God’s word which is truth in history, science and prophecy.

February 27, 2019

President Trump has signed an Executive Order that has prophetic significance

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JD: Donald Trump the President signed an executive order dealing with artificial intelligence, AI. Now Bob I want to ask you why he had that executive order in place to sign? But first for those who may be Neophytes in our audience explain what AI, artificial intelligence is.

BM: The big thing that comes to mind is probably the Transformer movies, these robots that think on their own and do the biding of their masters. It’s like science fiction but it’s a reality today. It’s the manipulation of all environments whether its space or its inside your body with a particular type of surgical instrument, massive amounts of information that allows the master of that information to manipulate cyber space. It’s about a host of things in harnessing the domain of the cyber world in a way that can be nefarious or it can be good for mankind; it’s a dangerous area.

And why the President had an executive order is quite simple, the President and his national security strategy and his national defense strategy made it very clear that we are facing near peer advisories that are very serious about changing the dynamics of the world and that’s China and Russia. China, President Xi Jinping has made it a priority of his country not only to overcome the United States economically but militarily. He has set all of his Federal governments in the military and all industry in China focus on the goal of obtaining artificial intelligence control, hegemon on artificial intelligence into the future. And that’s going to redefine the world in ways like fire redefined the world when it was first discovered.

JD: Colonel Bob Maginnis from the Pentagon with a report on artificial intelligence and the reason President Trump signed and executive order on the AI issue this last week.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Bob’s report on President Trump’s executive order signed this last week and his description of what AI actually is is key to the future war tactics on the battlefields around the world. Bob mentioned two major world powers that are very knowledgeable of this new war fair. These two major players are Russia and China. Russia, a military power in the first 6 months of the Tribulation period, that’s Ezekiel 38. And China a military force in the last 6 months of the Tribulation period, Revelation 16:12.