June 18, 2015

The search engine Yahoo and the Apple iPhone have divided the holy city of Jerusalem

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Internet giant Yahoo and the Apple computer firm have decided not to wait for the Israelis and the Palestinians to decide on the final status talks and the determination of the borders of a Palestinian state and the status on the holy city of Jerusalem. In practice, these two giant firms have made the decision to divide Jerusalem into East and West.

On Yahoo weather page the iPhone user is offered two Middle East options when requesting weather information for Jerusalem, East Jerusalem and West Jerusalem, preempting the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and the dividing of the holy city of Jerusalem.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The action by Yahoo and the Apple computer firm to divide the holy city of Jerusalem is another evidence that this world is entering into the end of times as foretold in Bible prophecy.

As world leaders endeavor to bring resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the issue of the final status of Jerusalem is at the top of every agenda in the peace process. The Palestinians say that they must have at least a portion of Jerusalem as the capital of their state called Palestine. The Israelis contend that Jerusalem is the undivided, eternal capital of the Jewish people and the holy city will not be divided again.

By the way, I must remind you that there is not a city called East Jerusalem or West Jerusalem, there is only Jerusalem. Once again the issue of Jerusalem and the controversy surrounding the holy city is front and center. King David named Jerusalem as the political capital of the Jewish people 3000 years ago, II Samuel 5. God has selected Jerusalem to dwell among the Jewish people forever, Psalm 132:13-14. Jesus Christ told the Jewish prophet Zechariah that He would return to Jerusalem to build His Temple where He would rule and reign in His Kingdom to come, Zechariah 1:16, 6:12-13.

God's plan for Jerusalem will override the division of the holy city by Yahoo and iPhone. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.