November 10, 2014

Jordan's King Abdullah says that the Palestinians have the promise of a better future than do the Jewish people of the state of Israel

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In a recent gathering of authors and academics at the royal palace in Jordan, King Abdullah told his guests that Israel's position in the Middle East had deteriorated in the wake of the wave of Arab uprisings, a statement that is in opposition of the Israeli officials who believe that the Arab Spring would serve Israel's interests. Abdullah said that Israel's position is more problematic that it has been in the past and the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians must be resolved or Israel will continue to face major problems.

King Abdullah rejected any proposal that Jordan was the Palestinian state, he said it was a fantasy plan and the king believes that the Palestinians now have a more secure future than does Israel.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Jordan's King Abdullah believes that the Palestinians have a better future that the Jews which is totally in contradiction to Bible prophecy.

In recent statements to a gathering at the royal palace in Amman, Jordan, King Abdullah told his guests that the fate of the Jewish state of Israel had so deteriorated it seemed to him that the Palestinian people have a promise of a much better future than the Jews. The Jordanian king also termed the idea of Jordan as a Palestinian state as pure fantasy and rejected it outright. Jordan is an Arab state with 70% of its population being Palestinian which has caused problems for the Hashemite Kingdom. In fact there are more and more Israeli political and military leaders calling for Jordan to be the state for the Palestinian people. The Bible is the source of history and prophecy that actually deals with this issue.

Genesis 25 records the two sons of Isaac and Rebekah who God said would become two states in the last days (Genesis 25:23). Ezekiel 35, Malachi 1, and the book of Jeremiah all reveal the prewritten history that does call for the Edomites, the Palestinians today, to come to prominence in the end of days. The Palestinians, who are Biblical Edomites, these Palestinians say that they will return, rebuild, and regain power. However, the little book of Obadiah says that they will be as if they have never been a people.

Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.