June 29, 2018

People are going up onto the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, denying Jesus Christ and making a vow to the Noahic Covenant

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JD: Four Texans have vowed to uphold the Noahide laws and they did that on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem while at the same time disavowing the Lord Jesus Christ, that’s dangerous.

DJ: Yes, it’s not only dangerous it’s quit disturbing. Four non Jewish Americans made a special stop on their tour of Jerusalem ascending to the Temple Mount and in front of a beth din which is Hebrew for rabbinic court took an oath to obey the seven Noahide laws. The two couples that went up on the Temple Mount with a Rabbi, one of the men and said we don’t define ourselves as Christian and no longer believe in Jesus we are ger toshav and are connected to Israel. So apparently these people had previously identified as Christians but now they have apparently turned their back on the Lord.

JD: David let’s first talk about the Noahide laws. Now I want you to explain what they are and why are they significant in the minds of observant Jews?

DJ: The Noahide laws come from the Noahic Covenant in general which is found in Genesis chapter 9. But they’ve actually been built upon by rabbinic tradition.

JD: According to the Bible are the Rabbi’s right? Are the keepers of the Noahide laws right, that they believe salvation is possible apart from the faith and the Lord Jesus Christ?

DJ: Well I would say absolutely not. And I think the place to go to make this very clear is the book of Romans. Paul makes a very extended argument and this is what he writes in Romans chapter 1, he says the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness and suppress the truth and unrighteousness, that’s verse 18. Everyone is guilty before God because they suppress the truths and unrighteousness. And then through his extended argument that goes clear into chapter 10 we find that there is no distinction between Jew and Greek people must hear, understand, and believe the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. And there’s no distinction between Jew and Gentile. They must hear, understand, and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ.

JD: David James at the broadcast table, Bible in hand explaining the problem with denying Jesus Christ and making a vow to the Noahic Covenant.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

God’s word is absolute on how anyone Gentile or Jew comes to salvation. It’s only through Jesus Christ that anyone can get saved, by the way that’s found in Acts 4:10-12. No one can get saved by their works, only salvation comes through what Jesus has done for each and everyone of us.