September 02, 2020

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's efforts for peace in the Middle East could lead to the rebuilding of the next Jewish Temple

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JD: And is it a viable possibility another Arab nation who is willing to normalize relations?

WM: Let's take a step back and remember at the end of January President Trump proposed a peace to prosperity plan. Another opening came as we saw with the United Arab Emirates leading perhaps one or two other Arab nations coming closer. Mr. Pompeo felt he had to be a personal face to face meeting with Netanyahu to find out exactly how this relationship between peace, America and Israel is going to precede on all fronts.

JD: I was reading a comment from Yehuda Glick. Now he used to be the executive director of the Temple Institute the people preparing to build the next Temple. Then he compared Solomon's Temple which was the first Temple on the Temple Mount. It followed a peace agreement with Tyre, that's the Biblical name for modern day Lebanon. He said that peace today with the Arab states may be setting a time when they could rebuild the Temple and is that a viable possibility as well?

WM: If we go back to the Bible we see that the king of Tyre Hiram engaged in commercial enterprises with the kingdom of Israel at the time in which if I'm not mistaken trees and other implements were imported from Lebanon is basically a form of ancient commercial interest in pursuits of peace. So there is a precedent for this and as long as Jewish rights are recognized and the possibility of rebuilding the Temple Mount and until then at least Jews praying there become a part of a peace process with normalized relations with the Arab world I'm all for it and I think a lot of people would be for it then some of what we're seeing develop over the past few weeks.

JD: Winkie Medad with the details behind why peace in the Middle East could indeed lead to the rebuilding of the next Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

History tells us that Solomon's Temple, the first Temple in Jerusalem, that Solomon's Temple was built after a peace agreement between Tyre, modern day Lebanon, Tyre and the Jewish people. There are those who believe that set a precedent. I'm not sure if that is a precedent but it is Bible prophecy. The antichrist confirms a peace agreement in the Middle East, Daniel 9:27, then gives permission to the Jewish people to build their Temple, that's Daniel 11:45. Both of these prophecies will be fulfilled.