March 03, 2020

Russia has moved their warships to the Syrian Coast to deal with Turkey

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JD: Ken it looks like in Syria and in fact Russia has just sent two of their warships with cruise missiles there into the coast of Syria. What is going on?

KT: Well Jimmy first of all I've got to really thank you for the coverage that you give to this issue. We don't hear that much about it in the national media in the United States. You are filling that gap. This was just Friday the Russians have sent one of their newest most powerful warships the Frigate Admiral Makarov off the coast of Syria. It's equipped as you mentioned with cruise missiles. These are missiles that can hit targets on the ground as they're ground attack cruise missiles giving them a deadly strike and a very accurate strike capability.

The reason the Russians have done this is to warn President Erdogan of Turkey to back off in his attack in Idlib Province in the northern part of Syria. The Syrians are still claiming as their own and guess what it happens to be part of Syria it's not part of Turkey. There are thousand of Turkish troops now inside Syria. Erdogan has moved in his Jihadi groups some of the Jihadi terrorist groups. He claims he's only moving in the so called moderate ones. But I've got to tell you Jimmy try to find the difference between the moderate terrorist and the really radical terrorist. It might just depend what side of bed they get up on the day or who they're looking at across from them.

Russia's position is simply this, they say Syria for all of this and for all the Civil war all these years since 2012 of Civil war is still a sovereign nation and they have the right under the UN charter to defend their territory. And that's what the Syrian army is now doing with help from Russia. They're moving up towards Idlib where the Turks are ensconced. Erdogan has had gotten the surprise of his life with the past couple of weeks to find that the Russians are backing Syria and not him.

JD: Ken Timmerman with details on why Russia moved its warships to Syria to deal with Turkey.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken's report is information that the main stream media is not covering. However it is key for the understanding of the prophetic scenario that is found in Bible prophecy. The three nations mentioned Syria, Russia and Turkey are part of a coalition of nations that align themselves to destroy the Jewish state, that's Ezekiel 38 and Daniel 11. Though in conflict today they will form a coalition in the last days and that will be done to fulfill the afore mentioned prophetic passages. God's word is absolute and it will be fulfilled.