October 31, 2017

There is a very interesting connection between the Protestant Reformation and the day of Halloween

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JD: Tuesday marks the 500th Anniversary of what is considered the birth of the Protestant Reformation.  

DJ: Tuesday is October 31st, November 1st on the Roman Catholic Feast calendar is All Saints Day and the 31st is known as All Souls Day or Day of the Dead. We also use the word hallow for holy one. Luther posted his 95 theses on the day before all Hallows Day or all Saints Day, which makes it all Hallows Eve, which is where we get the word Halloween, all Hallows Eve. So, he posted 95 theses on the door of the Wittenberg Castle in Germany. This is seen as sparking the Reformation. It’s known as the birth of the Reformation.

Martin Luther he was walking home one evening and he got caught in a thunderstorm and lightening hit near his feet and he cried out to St. Anne and the Catholic Church and he said I’ll be a monk. There’s really no hope in the Roman Catholic system. You have to be a good person, do good work, submit to all the teachings of the church and he was studying the book of Romans and he came to Romans 1:17 which says the just shall live by faith. He came to some very clear conclusions that a believer is not justified by works saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

JD: We always here about these 95 theses that Luther posted but most people probably don’t know exactly what these were.

DJ: These 95 theses or 95 statements that he posted on the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church one of the things in the Catholic Church is that there are things called indulgences and these are ways to be forgiven of sin. And what was happing is the church was selling these indulgences in order for people to purchase and buy their loved ones out of purgatory. Purgatory is a place that is supposed to be between heaven and hell where someone goes before they go to heaven and so he was lashing out against the Catholic Church and the corruption.  

JD: David James revealing the very interesting connection between the Protestant Reformation and the day of Halloween.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Protestant Reformation played a key role of the Protestant Church in our world. The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation and the day of Halloween with its satanic influence on the day especially for our children should be a warning for the last days where Jesus revealed Satan’s active role in stopping the return of Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus had to say in Matthew 24 verses 4, 5, 11, and 24 that this would be the case. The church must separate satanic activity from the trues of God’s word. 

October 30, 2017

Iran says that Palestine is the number one issue in the Islamic world

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JD: Ayatollah Khomeini made a statement, Palestine is the number one issue in the Islamic world. Is that really the case or is Iran setting this up as some type of a straw man?

DD: Jimmy really it is today the only issue that unite Sunni Moslems and Shiite Moslems. The only thing that they all agree on is that Islam is supreme whatever form it takes and that they fight about. Islam is supreme, the Jews are not the chosen people anymore, they should not have a state in the Middle East, and it’s going to be destroyed. Now, again not all Sunni Moslems say that by any means or peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan or whatever. But that is a propionate line and it’s certainly the dominant line on the Iranian scene and Hezbollah and the other’s we have talked about.

This is what they think. It’s something they can talk about get everybody excited about. Lets focus on liberating Jerusalem and not on our struggles. But those internal struggles go on Jimmy. This week in Qatar we had more trouble, we have the embargo continuing there, we have the Qatar government refusing to give into the demands of some of their Arab neighbors for more moderate policy. We see Qatar continuing to fund terrorist groups in the region. So, that’s just part of the struggle but there’s a lot going on under the scene but they all agree that Israel is an enemy or at least for the most part they do.

JD: David Dolan with details helping us to better understand the headline in the news today.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Iran and the Palestinians are both major players in the end time scenario that is found in Bible prophecy. Iran, Persia of Ezekiel 38:5 is a part of the alignment of nations that forms to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. Ezekiel 39:1-6 reveals that Iran will be destroyed in the first 6 months of the 7-year tribulation period. 

The Palestinians on the other hand are a people that date back some 4,000 years ago to Esau in Genesis chapter 25. The Bible tells us that these people will kill the Jews and steal the land of the Jewish people, that’s Ezekiel 35:5 & 10. Malachi chapter 1 says that the Lord will have ending nation against the edomites the Palestinian people of today and he’ll have that ending nation forever. And in fact, the little book of Obadiah says that when Jesus returns to the earth he will allow the Jews to destroy the Palestinians as if they had never been. God will deal with the enemies of the Jewish people in the last days.

October 27, 2017

The Christian community in northern Iraq is in danger

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JD: Talk to us, you were there in Iraq; you met with the Kurdish leaders but what about the Christian community there? You’ve had an opportunity to be with them many many times reported to us before on the situation. What’s it like today?

KT: Jimmy, let me sound a four-alarm fire warning here. Things are disastrous for Christians in the Nineveh plain, which is their historic homeland in Iraq where in Nineveh where St. Thomas has reported to have prophesied the first Christians. They have been driven out by ISIS and now as they’re waiting in these internally displaced camps, these IDP camps near Erbil the capital of Kurdistan many of them are losing hope and preparing to leave forever. They try to get back to their homes either the Kurds prevent them or the Iranian Shiite militia prevent them from getting home or they manage to get home and they see the incredible destruction of their villages they lose hope, they despair, and they immigrate to Australia or some here to the United States. Yet we desperately desperately as Christians Jimmy need to pull together to help the Christians of the Nineveh plain to re-construct their homeland, their houses so they can anchor the Iraq. They are the salt of the earth. They are the salt that gives the bread its flavor in Iraq. They help Iraqi’s be better Iraqi’s and if they leave Iraq for good I despair of the future of that country.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the latest on the Christian community in the Nineveh plain, which is Northern Iraq.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Christian community in Northern Iraq dates back some 2,000 years ago. Since 1991 that community has been persecuted and has almost disappeared. As Christians we need to heed that four-alarm fire warning and at least put these Christians on our prayer list. That must be a priority. However, let me also remind you that this has a prophetic significance as well.

During the coming tribulation period true believers in Christ will be beheaded for their faith, that’s Revelation 6:9-11 and Revelation 20:4, 5, 6. Please remember that this region of the Middle East, Iraq is Biblical Babylon headquarters for the Antichrist in the last half of the tribulation period, that’s Revelation 18.

The plight of Christians in Iraq today a precursor for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.