January 23, 2017

The Inauguration of Donald Trump was a history making event, the culmination of a phenomenal campaign and election

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JD: You had the distinct pleasure of being at the inauguration of Donald Trump and pretty close to where the President was standing when he took the oath of office.

KT: You know Jimmy it’s really something I’ve been to many inaugurations before but just amazing to be in the midst of so many people who are so enthusiastic. It’s just amazing, Jimmy, seeing our country coming together again, in a common purpose and in stability.

JD: Well this was indeed a history-making event. I mean one of the great political phenomenons of all time, a man coming from no where to the most powerful position in all the world, we’re of course talking about Donald Trump.

I was watching it on television. I didn’t have the emotion of being there as both Mike Pence and Donald Trump were sworn into office. It was really moving wasn’t it? 

KT: It was and you could see this in the crowd there was such pint up expectation as both Pence and Trump were taking the oath of office you could have heard a pin drop and then when he got to the end this explosion of joy and applause for him. It’s a great relief, I think, for so many Americans to know that the government once again belongs to them, the people of the United States.

JD: Give me some more thoughts about that inaugural address.

KT: He started right off the bat saying we’re going to rebuild our country; we’re going to look forward and restore the economy. He was saying to his predecessor you know what have you been doing for the past 8 years, you’ve left our country a wreck and we have to rebuild it.

In his speech he was very gracious to President Obama personally and applauded him for the transition and the graciousness that Obama and his wife extended to the Trumps at the White House. Just in terms of politics it was as you say, it was a repudiation of politics as usual, and Donald Trump said this extraordinary thing that today will go down in history as the day the power was transferred from Washington DC back to the people of the United States. That certainly was the line that leaped out at me as he was delivering the speech.

JD: Ken Timmerman who was an eye witness to the inauguration of Donald Trump.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled.

Revelation 17:17 says, that the Lord will use human world leaders to direct the scenario of the end time events found in Bible Prophecy. The now President of the United States, President Trump will indeed be the instrument of God to play a key role in leading the nation and in fact the world into God’s plan for the future.

As Christians, our duty is subjection; subjection to the higher authority, Romans 13, and supplication in other words pray for this world leader, Donald Trump, and that’s I Timothy Chapter 2.