November 30, 2010

The Israeli Prime Minister says because of wikileaks, the world now knows what Arabs say about Iran

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says that wikileaks exposures are a dangerous precedent but they have revealed to the world the private fears of Arabs as it relates to Iran's nuclear threat to not only the world but in particular the Middle East. Netanyahu, at a press conference on this issue, said that Israel was not damaged by the leaks and he said the question now is whether Arab leaders will admit in public what was said through private diplomatic channels about the Iranian nuclear threat to the Arab world.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Though wikileaks has caused great damage to United States intelligence and has put many world leaders in harm's way, Israel sees a positive out of this event that is evidence of the end times scenario for the Middle East that can be found in Bible prophecy.

Referring to French President Sarkozy as the Emperor Without Clothes, and Iranian President Ahmadinejad as Hitler may be embarrassing to the United States but it is not as dangerous as some of the other information revealed through the release of hundreds of thousands of pages of top secret information that was leaked recently. There is a great possibility that these leaks may cause physical harm - even death to some of the parties that are mentioned in these private documents.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was quick to say that in no way was Israel harmed by the released documents. In fact the Israeli Prime Minister said that these leaks have revealed conversations and communiques that are evidence the Arab world leaders fear a nuclear powered Iran. Netanyahu said that the leaks reveal the real threat in the Middle East and it is Iran as they develop their nuclear weapon of mass destruction.

Let me just say you did not need to read any of these released documents to know that Iran was and will be a major threat in the Middle East. If you had read the prophetic book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament chapter 38:5, you would have read of Persia as a part of a coalition of nations that will form in the last days to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. By the way, Persia of Biblical times is modern-day Iran. In fact, what is interesting to me, these Arab states that fear a nuclear armed Iran will join with Iran in that alignment of nations to attack Israel (Ezekiel 38, Daniel 11, and Psalm 83).

Wikileaks or not Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

November 29, 2010

After decades of decline, the total number of Jews in the world has increased

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According to the Berman Institute and the Jewish Data Bank, there had been a steady decline for several decades in the worlds Jewish population but the trend has been reversed and an increase has been recorded recently even though it is very so slight in numbers. The number of Jews outside Israel continued its decline but their number increased inside Israel bringing the total Jewish population in Israel to around 5.7 million, the largest number of Jews in any one location anyplace on earth. Out of a world population numbering around 6.9 billion people there are only about 13 and a half million Jews in our world today which is slightly less that .2% of the world's total population

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

With less than .2% of the world's total population being Jewish, the world's focus is on these unique people who will be the major players in the end of times scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

Out of a world population that numbers 6.9 billion people, the Jewish people and their very small nation in the Middle East has attracted the attention of the world. It seems that daily some world leader is talking about the Jewish state of Israel and what is happening there as it relates to the existence of this young nation among the nations of the world. The Jewish people came into existence 4000 years ago when Abraham became the Father of the Jews and passed that heritage along to his son and grandson Isaac and Jacob. Though there have been countless attempts to destroy the Jewish people down through the centuries God has protected a people that He calls His chosen people, that is according to Deuteronomy 7:6-8. In fact, God divided humankind on this earth and he set the bounds for them based upon the Jewish people in this world - that's recorded in Deuteronomy 32:8.

Every student of Bible prophecy is aware that God's plan for the end times will happen in order to fulfill the Lord's promises to the Jewish people. Those promises found in the Abrahamic Covenant, (Genesis 15) the Land Covenant, (Deuteronomy 30) the Davidic Covenant, (II Samuel 7) and the New Covenant (Jeremiah 31).

Though the Jewish people are small in numbers in our world today, they will be the major players for the last days. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

November 26, 2010

An Israeli military leader says an American trained and equipped Palestinian military could attack Israel

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General Avi Mizrahi, the Israeli leader in the area of Judea and Samaria in Israel, says that Israeli soldiers face the potential challenge of being confronted by a Palestinian military force trained and equipped by the US and this force is capable of causing real damage to Israel.

This Palestinian military force was trained in Jordan by US General Keith Dayton and the Israeli military is preparing for a potential confrontation. US General Dayton has expressed belief that this Palestinian army would likely attack the Jewish state in the event that Israel does not give in to the demands of the world leaders for a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The report of the Israeli military preparing for a confrontation with an American trained and equipped Palestinian army is a precursor to the prophetic scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

The IDF is now training for the potential battle that may occur if the Israeli government rejects the demands of the US and EU to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. US General Keith Dayton, the military trainer for this Palestinian army, said if Israel does not surrender Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians within the next two years, this Palestinian military force could turn their guns on the Israelis. This scenario is, as I said, the lead up to what Bible prophecy says will unfold in the last days.

Malachi said that the Edomites, the Palestinians of today, would rebuild and become a force in the Middle East, Malachi 1. Ezekiel wrote that when the Palestinians become a major force, they will kill the Jews, Ezekiel 35:5 and then take the land of the Jewish people, Ezekiel 35:10. Obadiah revealed in his prophecy that the Edomites, Palestinians of today, would become drunk with power and try to wipe out the Jews only to be defeated, Obadiah 15-18.

The Israeli military preparing for a conflict with a Palestinian army is indeed a precursor to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day is evidence that the US government and the Bible can work in harmony

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The United States of America stops today to give thanks for all the blessings and freedoms that we have and this day is a special day set aside by the US government to do exactly what the Bible calls for us all to do, give thanks in all things.

Families will gather for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner of turkey and dressing, the young men and even some of us old guys will break out in the annual game of touch football and the ladies, well they'll be there to cheer us on, and in fact heal up any of the bruises sustained in the afternoon free-for-all. Those of us with loved ones on a far away battlefield will thank God for their protection and ask God for their safe return to the family circle for next Thanksgiving: and all of this on a day of thanksgiving required by the Bible and set aside by decree of our own government.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Today is a day set aside for all of us to be thankful, but as we move closer to the time of the return of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, our world will become more and more unthankful, that is according to Bible prophecy. The principle of thanksgiving: there are over 100 locations in the Bible where the scriptures speak of thanks and thanksgiving. We are told to give thanks in all things for it is the will of God in Christ Jesus, I Thessalonians 5:18.

The product of thanksgiving: interestingly when we stop to give thanks, the end result is to our own personal benefit. Paul, an apostle, in a letter that he wrote to the Philippians, states that giving thanks brings us true joy. Paul also wrote the people in Colosse that giving thanks helps us to abound in the faith, a faith that is needed for all of life Colossians 2:7.

The prophecy of unthankfulness: as we approach the time of the Second Coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, Paul reminded us that he wrote a letter to Timothy to tell him that people would be unthankful at that time, II Timothy 3:2.

Unthankfulness is one of the major signs of the last days and as those days approach we need to be looking up in anticipation of His coming, but also in thanksgiving as well. Remember on this day of thanksgiving, unthankfulness is an indicator, a trend, a sign of the judgment that is coming, that is according to Bible prophecy.

November 24, 2010

A world renowned scientist has warned mankind not to speak to aliens from outer space

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World renowned scientist Stephen Hawking has warned humankind to avoid any contact with aliens from outer space which Hawking believes do exist among the 100 billion galaxies each containing hundreds of millions of stars in the universe. Hawking says alien life is almost certain to exist in many other parts of the universe not just in planets but perhaps in the center of stars or even floating in interplanetary space and may even exist in massive ships and be looking for resources on other planets.

Hawking says that to his mathematical brain the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational and the real challenge is to work out what what aliens might actually be like.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The statement by a world renowned scientist that aliens exist in outer space may sound like science fiction but there is an interesting link to Bible prophecy that will be played out in the last days.

The name "Stephen Hawking", a well known scientist in our world today is a name that is associated with many scientific discoveries and now he has come forward to say there are aliens in outer space. Hawking says that we should not seek them out but humanity should do everything to avoid them. I know that this sounds like a science fiction story but I am only reporting from a documentary from Hawking where he goes into further detail on the subject. Hawking warns that these aliens may invade the earth searching for more resources to sustain their existence and possibly to colonize the earth.

Bible prophecy does reveal in the book of Revelation the future event of creatures invading the earth from outer space (Revelation 9:1-13). These aliens, using the proper sense of the word, are referred to as locusts, but not any locusts that we have ever seen. They are evil angels that will attack humankind on the earth in the last days to kill one third of the earth's population (Revelation 9:13-20).

The report warning that we should not seek out aliens is an interesting precursor to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

November 23, 2010

An Israeli researcher says an Israeli-Iranian war could last for years

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Bar-Ilan University researcher, Dr. Moshe Vered, believes that if war breaks out between Iran and Israel it likely would last for years, not weeks and he says that Iran would also target Jews around the world including El Al airplanes, synagogues, and Israeli operations abroad.

The research paper by Dr. Vered points out that the Iranian Shiite Moslems believe that the very existence of Israel is an insult to Moslems and that there is an obligation by Moslems to sacrifice themselves for the sake of annihilating the Jewish state.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

A research paper that gives a forecast for a long war between Iran and Israel is very sobering, but this paper may not have taken into consideration the prophetic scenario that can be found in the Bible for such a war.

Dr. Moshe Vered's research paper is very sobering especially in light of the radical rhetoric coming from the president of Iran about his desires to see Israel wiped off the face of the earth. The paper speaks of an extended war between Iran and Israel if Israel should make a preemptive strike on Iran to destroy the development of nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction(WMD).

Threats by Iranian President Ahmadinejad suggest that his country would unleash an attack on every target in Israel with its long range missiles and with the possibility that these missiles would have nuclear warheads aboard. In addition, Iran would call for Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah and Turkey to join the fight to destroy Israel.

This scenario is found in Bible prophecy in Ezekiel 38 where verse 5 mentions Persia, which is modern day Iran, and also in Daniel 11:40-41, which includes Syria referred to as the King of the North. However, an extended war is not part of the prophetic scenario as revealed in these passages of Scripture. When you look at Ezekiel 38:18-39:6, you'll find that the prophet foretells of a total destruction of Israel's attacking enemies and this happens within weeks or months, not years.

The research paper aside, Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

November 22, 2010

Many Americans expect Jesus to return to earth by 2050

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In the latest Pew Research Center survey, 41% of the Americans polled believe that Jesus Christ will return to the earth in the next 40 years and 46% of those polled said that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ will probably or definitely not happen. The poll suggests that 58% of evangelicals believe that Jesus will return by 2050 and respondents with no college education were 3 times as likely as those with a college degree to expect the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in the next 40 years.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

According to the latest survey many Americans expect Jesus Christ to return to the earth within the next 40 years which is confirmed by Bible prophecy.

The latest Pew Research Center poll indicates a large number of Americans believe that Jesus Christ is coming back to earth and that it could happen within the next 40 years. If the numbers in the survey results are correct, that means millions of Americans do believe what Jesus had to say before He left the earth almost 2000 years ago - that was that He would return.

Though this survey is not a vote on whether Jesus will return or not, those who believe that He will are in alignment with what Bible prophecy says except that it may be sooner than 2050. In fact, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ could happen in just 7 years because the second coming scenario found in Bible prophecy reveals that a 7 year time of judgment will precede the Lord's return to earth. That 7 years, the Tribulation period, will be recognized by events foretold by the ancient Jewish prophets. For example, the Jews will return to their homeland, Middle Eastern nations will align themselves against Israel, while at the same time there will be an effort to bring about peace in the Middle East, and talk and preparations to build a temple in Jerusalem will also be very prevalent (Ezekiel 37 - 46).

The next event is the Rapture when Jesus Christ calls all Christians into heaven before worldwide judgment breaks out and that could happen today because Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

November 19, 2010

Ahmadinejad: World's problems due to the rejection of Allah

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The Iranian President Ahmadinejad, in a recent telecast seen throughout all of Europe, said that the world's problems are rooted in a rejection of Allah, the Islamic god, and if Jesus Christ lived today, He would stand up against any world powers that act as bullies. Ahmadinejad said that the crises in security, the family, morality, politics, security, and the world economy have come about because the prophets have been forgotten, Allah has been forgotten, and some world leaders are estranged from Allah.

Tehran has accused the world of trying to destabilize the Islamic Republic of Iran and to do all possible to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions of developing a nuclear weapon of mass destruction.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The statement by Iranian President Ahmadinejad that the world's rejection of the Islamic god Allah, is the basis for all of the world's troubles, is not correct politically, or prophetically - according to Bible prophecy.

The very vocal president of Iran, President Ahmadinejad, has, over the last several years, denied that there was ever a Jewish Holocaust, that Israel must be wiped off the Earth, and that the Jewish state is near to a complete collapse. This radical rhetoric from the radical Muslim leader has now hit a higher pitch as he says that god, the Islamic god Allah, is very displeased with the world's rejection of the Islamic deity and thus there are many problems. However, the true God of the Bible and the people of the Bible, the Jews and the Christians, this one true God is indeed displeased with rejection of His plan for all of human kind.

Revelation 16 is evidence that even in a very troubled time, the Great Tribulation, and faced with intense judgment, men will not repent and turn to Jesus Christ (Revelation 16:8-11). It is not rejection of the Islamic god Allah but rejection of the true God of the Bible that brings judgment upon the world. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

November 18, 2010

Millions of Moslems worldwide celebrate the festival of sacrifice in contradiction of the Bible

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The annual Islamic festival of sacrifice was marked again this year by millions of Moslems worldwide celebrating Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael as an act of obedience to Allah, the Islamic god. This Moslem holiday is commemorated annually approximately 70 days after the end of the month of Ramadan, which is the 30 day fast that honors the giving of the Koran supposedly by the angel Gabriel to the Moslem prophet Mohammad.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The celebration of the festival of sacrifice by millions of Moslems around the world is an effort to deny the Word of God, the Bible, and the prophetic passages in the Bible that will be fulfilled.

On an annual basis the millions of Moslems in our world today hold the festival of sacrifice which is an effort to abrogate the record of what Abraham really did with one of his sons some 4000 years ago. Islam, a religion that came into existence around 1400 years ago, reports that Abraham took his son Ishmael to an alter to offer as a sacrifice to God. According to the Bible, the holy book of Jews and Christians, the offer of Abraham's son took place on Mount Moriah in the land of Israel, that is according to Genesis 22. And by the way, the son offered as a sacrifice by Abraham was Isaac, not Ishmael as reported by Islam.

This effort to distort the Bible's account of Abraham's sacrifice is part of the Islamic doctrine of abrogation, the act of abrogating the truth, changing the facts which are recorded in the Bible. The Koran, according to Islam, is the word of Allah, the Islamic god, to mankind through Mohammad which is in contradiction to the Bible, the holy book for Christians and Jews, in many areas especially in eschatology, the study of end time events. Islam believes the mahdi, the Islamic messiah, will come to earth and convert the world to Islam. The Bible reveals that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, will come back and set up His worldwide kingdom from Mount Moriah, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (Zechariah 6:13, Revelation 20:4-6). Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

November 17, 2010

More than two million Moslems gather in Saudi Arabia and shout death to America and death to Israel

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"Death to Israel, death to America and Allah is the greatest", were among the slogans chanted by the masses in unison as Moslems gathered in the desert of Arafat near Mecca in Saudi Arabia where more than two million Moslems assembled for the annual Moslem pilgrimage, the Hajj.

Ayatollah Ali Khomeini told the massive gathering of Moslems in Saudi Arabia that the growing wave of Islamic awakening heralds the glorious future for the Moslem community and no virtue is better than rescuing nations from demonic powers.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The shouts of over two million Moslems calling for death to the US and to the Jewish state of Israel is a precursor to an end times scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

An Arab news agency reported that during the recent Hajj, the Moslem pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, there were over two million Moslems gathered in the desert of Arafat near Mecca and they shouted death to America and death to Israel. This outcry by the Moslems was incited by the message sent to the Moslem pilgrims by the leader of the Islamic supreme body of Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeini, that Moslems should engage in jihad, the struggle and resistance against the aggressions of the US and Israel.

Khomeini called on the Moslem world to rescue the nations of the world from the demonic clutches of the hegemonic powers of the US and Israel; "hegemonic powers" referring to the supreme leadership of one nation over another nation. Ironically, the Ayatollah's statements are in line with the desires of Islamic leaders in our world today and reflects on prophetic passages of God's Word, the Bible, for the scenario in the end times.

Ezekiel 38, Daniel 11 and Psalm 83 all speak of a coalition of nations that will align themselves against Israel in the last days. Joel 2 foretells the largest military militia ever formed on the earth will move like a forest fire to Israel and work to destroy the Jewish state. These prophetic passages refer to a time in history when a religious philosophy like Islam calls for the complete annihilation of the Jewish people. It is a day like today.

November 16, 2010

EU leaders say that if the Euro fails, the EU could fall apart

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EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy has warned that the EU is in a serious crisis over the financial crisis in the eurozone with the debt problems as the economic health of member states such as Ireland, Portugal and Greece come under new scrutiny.

Van Rompuy said that all EU member states must work together in order to survive the eurozone, that's the member states that use the euro as currency because if the eurozone does not survive, then the EU will not survive.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

As the EU faces an economic crisis that could bring down the union itself, there are signs that this situation could set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

For a number of months there has been a developing situation in Europe that could have ramifications which will affect the entire world. The economic crisis now affecting many EU member states including Greece, Italy, Portugal and Ireland has brought the eurozone to the brink of collapse. Financially strong European member states like France and Germany have been doing all they can to prop up the eurozone, realizing that if the euro fails, so could the entire political structure of the EU.

EU Council President Van Rompuy confirmed that fear in a recent statement to the EU leaders. The possible collapse of the EU would affect our world politically, economically and prophetically. I say prophetically because a close study of the prophetic scriptures reveals a major economic, political power that will come to place in what was the area of the old Roman Empire; and the EU does indeed match that prophetic scenario that can be found in Daniel 7:7-24.

For centuries, leaders in Europe have been trying to revive the old Roman Empire. All have failed and the EU seemed to be the best chance for this prophecy to be fulfilled. Remember, Bible prophecy is not totally dependent on current events, because as we see, these current events change from day to day.

However, I must remind you that the end time scenario found in God's Word will come to pass.

November 15, 2010

A poster produced by the Islamic terror group Hamas says that Palestine loves President Obama

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On a poster recently produced by the Islamic terror group Hamas, in the Gaza Strip, President Obama is depicted wearing a keffiyeh, the traditional Arab head covering, and in English under the photo it reads, "abu-Hussein", the name commonly used for President Obama by Hamas, "abu-Hussein, Palestine loves you."

The text of this poster has appeared on the front page of a number of Arab newspapers and attributes the admiration by Hamas towards President Obama as a result of his tendency to be tough on Israel in his public statements and actions.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The admiration for President Obama by the Islamic terror organization Hamas because of his tough stand against Israel is evidence that Bible prophecy is very close to being fulfilled.

The appearance of posters in the Gaza Strip, depicting President Obama wearing an Arab headdress, and referring to the US President as abu-Hussein, is evidence of the admiration that the Islamic terror group Hamas has for Obama. President Obama has made an effort to reach out to the Islamic world and develop a relationship with the Moslems by saying that the United States is not at war with Islam.

This scenario is a page out of the Olivet Discourse, a prophetic message that Jesus Christ gave on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. That Discourse is recorded in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21, where Jesus Christ gives signs of His Second Coming to the earth. Luke 21:24 reveals that the Jews would be dispersed across the world from Jerusalem and that happened in 70AD. The verse also says that Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. The term, "times of the Gentiles" is referring to the Gentile world having control over Jerusalem and the Jews. Today we see that the Gentiles, President Obama and the Moslem world are working to control both Jerusalem and the Jewish people.

The Hamas poster of President Obama is indeed evidence that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

November 12, 2010

A Dutch political leader says that liberal politicians are facilitating the spread of Islamic holy war

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The Dutch political leader, Geert Wilders, addressing the British House of Lords told them that liberal political leaders are facilitating the spread of Islamic jihad, Islamic holy war, because they consider Islam as being equal to the culture of the West. Wilders believes that Islam is not compatible with the Western way of life and is a threat to the West - Islam and freedom, Islam and democracy are not compatible - Islam wants to dominate all aspects of life from the cradle to the grave.

Wilders has a film that warns the world of Islam's desire to set up a caliphate, a worldwide kingdom under Islam and holy war as the means to that end.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The spread of radical Islam with the help of liberal politicians is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Today one in every four people on the earth are of the Islamic faith and that number is increasing daily. There are several voices in our world that are shouting out a warning to humankind to be alert to the global designs of Islam. One such voice is that of the Dutch politician Geert Wilders who with his documentary film and lectures around the world, is warning the world that there may be moderate Moslems, the people of Islam, but there is no moderate Islam, the religion. Wilders says that the Islamic holy book, the Koran, calls for a worldwide kingdom under the god of Islam, Allah, and Islamic jihad, holy war, as the means to reaching that goal.

Bible prophecy itself calls for a worldwide kingdom under Jesus Christ, the holy One of the Holy Bible. In fact, God made a promise to King David many years ago that that would happen. It is called the Davidic Covenant recorded in II Samuel 7. The Bible says that there will be a kingdom headquartered in Jerusalem (Zechariah 6:12-13) and it will last for 1000 years (Revelation 20:4-6). The Bible actually contradicts the Koran. The Koran says that the Islamic god Allah had no son. The Bible says that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the coming King of the worldwide kingdom.

The liberal politicians helping the spread of Islam is indeed helping to set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

November 11, 2010

World leaders meet to work out a solution to a global economic crisis

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The twenty economies among the nations of the world are working to come up with a solution to the global economic crisis that is a danger to all nations of the world and many of these national leaders accuse the US economic policy of causing more harm than help. China and Germany lead the attack on the United States economic policy that calls for dumping more dollars with no monetary value into the United States marketplace saying it will not solve the problem and bring economic problems to other nations.

At the top of the agenda at the G-20 meeting is a discussion on two issues; a global structure to solve the worldwide economic crisis and the development of a one world economy.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The work of the G-20, the world's leading economies, is in reality setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled as they work for a resolution to the present global economic crisis.

The gathering of the top twenty economies of our world in Seoul, Korea is a forum where the leaders of these top twenty nations realize the danger of not fixing the present global economic crisis. US President Obama's economic policies have come under fire and both Germany and China say that if America continues as they are, it could affect the entire world economy with disasterous results. The discussion of a worldwide economic structure to solve the crisis and the introduction of a one world currency, both on the agenda of the G-20 meeting, has a very close connection to the end of times scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

In the last half of the 7 year Tribulation period the Antichrist, the world dictator at that time, will set up his economic plan and headquarter its operation in the literal city of Babylon (Revelation 18). Biblical Babylon by the way is modern-day Iraq which has been so much in the news. This Antichrist will make all people on earth to take an identification on their forehead or the back of their hand in order to be able to buy or sell even food stuffs needed to sustain life (Revelation 13:16-17).

This global economic crisis that now faces our world is the precursor for people taking the mark of the beast and is indeed setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

November 10, 2010

The PM of Canada says Israel is the only nation in the world whose very existence is under attack

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Speaking at the Antisemitism Conference in Ottawa, ON, the prime minister of Canada said the Jewish nation of Israel is the only nation of the world whose very existence is under attack and is consistently and conspicuously singed out for condemnation.

PM Harper said that history shows the world and the ideology of the anti-Israel mob tells the world that those who threaten the existence of the Jewish people are a threat to all of the world. The prime minister said that we should not forget that there are those who choose evil and would launch another Holocaust if left unchecked.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The warning from the Canadian prime minister that there is evil in this world that, if left unchecked, would launch another Holocaust is a page out of Bible prophecy.

Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper in a speech to an Antisemitism conference in Canada warned the world that Israel is the only nation in the world whose very existence is under attack. The prime minister said that evil in our world today is ready to launch another Holocaust, ready to kill Jews and destroy the Jewish state. Harper's word of warning about Antisemitism is not being heard by much of the world today and this ideology that wants Jews dead will indeed lead to another Holocaust.

I make that statement based upon the prophetic word that can be found in the Bible. Both Heaven and earth will be the scene for an attack on the Jews, not only in Israel, but around the world. Revelation 12 speaks of evil angels being thrown out of Heaven and when they come to the earth, they will go forth to kill all of the Jews, Revelation 12:7-17. Daniel 11, Ezekiel 38, and Psalm 83 foretold of an alignment of nations who will, in the last days, endeavor to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Zechariah, an ancient Jewish prophet, says that two out of every three Jews will be killed in the future, Zechariah 13:8.

Canadian PM Harper's warning is real and the threat of a future Holocaust is real as well.

November 09, 2010

President Obama criticizes Israel from a Muslim country about building in the Jewish city of Jerusalem

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At a news conference in Jakarta, Indonesia President Obama criticized the Israeli government for an announcement that Israel has advanced plans to build1345 homes in Jerusalem and said that this kind of activity is never helpful when it comes to peace negotiations.

The EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton said that she is extremely concerned by the Israeli announcement, a plan which Ashton said contradicts the efforts by the International Community to advance the peace process in the Middle East.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The announced plans by Israel to build homes in their capital city of Jerusalem has world leaders in an uproar, evidence that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

The announcement by Israeli officials that the plan to build more housing units in the capital city of Jerusalem has evoked criticism from world leaders. They say Israel must not build in Jerusalem because it hinders the Middle East peace process. Ironically, President Obama chose to criticize the Jewish state from the stage of his visit to the most populated Muslim nation in the world, Indonesia.

The EU Chief of Foreign Policy, Catherine Ashton, was very quick to criticize Israel for building in the city that has been Jewish for over 3000 years. In fact, King David, the second Jewish king, made Jerusalem the eternal, Jewish, political capital and spiritual center 1000 years before Jesus Christ came to the earth, II Samuel 5-6.

The Lord promised King David that Jerusalem would belong to the Jewish people forever. He did that with the giving of the Davidic Covenant as recorded in II Samuel 7. God told the Jewish prophet Jeremiah that the Davidic Covenant cannot be broken unless the Sun, the Moon, and the stars fall out of Heaven, Jeremiah 33. This said, Bible prophecy reveals that in the last days Jerusalem will be the center of controversy, Zechariah 12:2.

With world leaders criticizing construction of Jewish homes in Jerusalem, there is evidence that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

November 08, 2010

A Hamas leader says that Jews will soon be expelled from all of Israel

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Mahmoud Zahar, a Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip, says the Jews of Israel, Palestine as he referred to the Jewish nation, will be soon expelled from the land the same way they were expelled out of France, Russia, and Germany in the past. Zahar said that the only nation that received the Jews after they were expelled from the European nations was the Islamic nation which protected them.

Zahar claimed that the Jews were expelled in the past because they betrayed, stole, and corrupted the countries and that the Palestinians with their blood can liberate their lands and holy sites in all of Palestine.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The declaration by a Hamas terrorist leader that the Jews will soon be expelled from their nation of Israel is an echo of the prophetic scenario that's found in Bible prophecy for the last days.

Mahmoud Zahar, a Hamas terrorist leader has in the past called for the Jews to be expelled from their land and nation of Israel. Now the Islamic terrorist leader says that in the near future the Jews will indeed be put out of the land that they claim as a Jewish state. Zahar has called for all Palestinian factions to unite and if need be shed their blood to liberate what they call Palestine which they say is all of Israel and then they can go to al Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem to pray.

This report is evidence that the end of times prophetic scenario found in the Bible is very close to fulfillment. The ancient Jewish prophets Ezekiel, Malachi, and Obadiah all prewrote history on this matter and foretold of the Edomites, the descendants of Esau, the Palestinians of today trying to rid the world of the Jewish people, the descendants of Jacob, twin brother of Esau. Malachi wrote that the Edomites, the Palestinians, would return to rebuild (Malachi 1). Ezekiel wrote that these people, the Palestinians, would kill the Jews and take their land (Ezekiel 35). Obadiah revealed that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would only be resolved when the Messiah Jesus Christ returns to the earth (Obadiah 15-18). Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

November 05, 2010

The Islamic organization of al Qaeda says that all Middle Eastern Christians are legitimate targets

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Christians across the Middle East have been put on notice by the Islamic state of Iraq, better known as the Iraqi branch of the international branch of the international Islamic terror organization al Qaeda, that all Christians in the Middle East are now legitimate targets. The ministry of war of the Islamic state of Iraq declares that all centers, organizations, and bodies of Christian leaders and followers have become targets wherever their hands can reach them.

The terrorist leaders said that the doors of destruction are open and that Christian blood will flow like a river in the Middle East.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The threat by Islamic terrorists to kill Christians in the Middle East is a page out of Bible prophecy for the last days.

Recently in Baghdad, Iraq a group of Islamic militants entered a church and killed over 60 church goers after they held them hostage for a number of hours. Soon after this horrific attack the Islamic Republic of Iraq, a branch of al Qaeda, declared that all Christians in the Middle East are legitimate targets and their blood will flow like a river. This declaration by Islamic militants on the Middle Eastern Christian community is that page of Bible prophecy that can be found in a number of prophetic passages.

Though true born again Christians will depart the world at the Rapture of the Church there will be many others that will become believers, followers of Jesus Christ in the seven year Tribulation period (Revelation 7:9, I Thessalonians 4:13-18). During the Tribulation period these new believers in Jesus Christ will be martyred because of their faith (Revelation 6:9-11). John the Revelator wrote of the Tribulation saints that will be killed, many of them beheaded, for their witness for Jesus and for the Word of God (Revelation 20:4-6).

Threats from the Islamic militants to kill Christians in the Middle East is indeed a page from Bible prophecy that will be fulfilled.

November 04, 2010

The American Embassy in Tehran was taken over by Islamic militants some 31 years ago and the Iranians are still celebrating

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Demonstrators standing outside the former United States Embassy in Tehran shouted, "Down With America" in a well scripted event to mark the 31st anniversary of the 1979 storming of the site which began a 444 day hostage crisis and severed Washington's ties with Iran. Iranian websites posted statements applauding the brave takeover of the US embassy to protest American support for the then pro-Western Shah of Iran who had been toppled by the Islamic Revolution months before the US embassy takeover.

Outside the former embassy crowds, including many schoolchildren bussed to the event, chanted anti-American slogans and taunted effigies of Uncle Sam and US President Barack Obama.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The 31st anniversary of the Iranian takeover of the US embassy in Tehran is a reminder that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

31 years ago in the Fall of 1979 a group of young Islamic militants in Tehran, Iran rushed the United States embassy, took 52 people hostage, and for 440 days held the embassy directed by the late Ayatollah Khomeini, the father of the Iranian Islamic Revolution. Among those young Islamic militants was one of the leaders named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the current president of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The anti-American, anti-Israel sentiment of the Iranian people has been fueled by Iran's President Ahmadinejad who has called for the total destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.

This 31 year political scenario is actually a precursor to the fulfillment of a prophetic scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy. The ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel wrote 2500 years ago that Iran, referred to as Persia in Ezekiel 38:5, that Iran would be one of the main players on the world stage in the times of the end. Ezekiel also wrote of a coalition of Middle East nations that would align themselves against the Jewish state and move to destroy Israel (Ezekiel 38:2-6).

As Iran celebrates the 31st anniversary of the US embassy takeover in Tehran by these Islamic militants, the stage is set for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

November 03, 2010

A Dutch political leader says that Jordan should change its name to Palestine

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Geert Wilders is the political leader of the Party for Freedom in Holland and he believes that Jordan should be renamed Palestine, because this would end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Middle East and provide the Palestinian people their own homeland.

Wilders believes that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a conflict over territory but rather an ideological battle between the mentality of the liberated West and the ideology of Islamic barbarism.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The statement by a Dutch political leader that Jordan should change its name to Palestine is actually very close to what the Bible says about this piece of real estate.

There has been a number of Israeli political leaders who have suggested that there is a Palestinian state and it is the state of Jordan. The facts are that over 2/3 of Jordan's population is Palestinian and if Jordan was a true democracy and not a monarchy, the Palestinians would indeed have a state in our world. This report thus far has been based upon political reality, but the past and the prophetic of this issue does say that Jordan should be Palestine

In Genesis 36, God sent Esau to Mount Seir which was at that time, the lower third of what we know as modern day Jordan. In Biblical times, God changed the name of this area from Mount Seir to Edom and God did this after He changed the name of Esau to Edom. As you trace through the Bible the history of Esau who was Jacob's twin brother, up and until today you will see that Esau's descendants are indeed the Palestinian people.

God told Rebbecca, the mother of Jacob and Esau before they were born as they struggled in her womb, that the two brothers would become two nations, Genesis 25:23. Jacob, of course, became the nation of Israel and Esau, the Palestinian people of today. God gave Esau and his descendants, the Palestinian people, at least a portion of modern day Jordan, Genesis 36:8.

The Dutch politician is pretty much on target. Jordan should be called Palestine, the homeland for the Palestinian people who are key players in the end times scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

November 02, 2010

A British astronomer says that the end of the world as we know it could happen at any time

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The British astronomer Chris Impey says astronomical intruders could provide a serious threat to our world as we know it and could cause global earthquakes, mile high tidal waves and the immediate killing of all large land animals.

The astronomer says that the "big one" as he described such an astronomical event happens every 100 million years which Impey said sounds like a safe buffer but he says there is good evidence that the next "big one" could happen at any time which has astronomers setting up ground based telescopes that scan the skies in search of some type of astronomical intruder.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The report from a British astronomer who says the end of the world is near is pretty much on target according to Bible prophecy.

The British astronomer Chris Impey who believes that astronomical intruders may be about to alter our world as we know it today and bring the world to an end has an interesting and informative paper that discusses what many have talked about for centuries. Although such an astronomical invasion happens only every 100 million years according to the astronomer, he still believes the next such event is about to happen.

Any student of Bible prophecy that has an understanding of the end of time events as revealed in the book of Revelation knows that the end of the world is at least 1,007 years into the future.

John, who received the message of his prophecy in Revelation from Jesus Christ, revealed that the next main event in Bible prophecy to be fulfilled will be the Rapture of the Church, Revelation 4:1. Revelation 4-19 is 16 chapters of detailed information about that seven year Tribulation Period that follows the Rapture. At the end of that seven years of tribulation, the Messiah, Jesus Christ, will return to the earth to defeat all of His enemies, Revelation 19, and He then will setup His Kingdom for 1,000 years, Revelation 20:4-6.

That Kingdom is not now in place. It will be in place when Jesus returns to Jerusalem to build His Temple where He will rule and reign for that 1,000 years and then forever into eternity future.

November 01, 2010

The national elections in the United States will have a major impact on America's future

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As campaigning for the United States Congressional elections draw to a close all candidates are claiming victory and telling the voters to make sure they vote because this is one of the most important elections in many years, a statement echoed by many political pundits. all 435 seats of the United States House of Representatives are up for grabs and 37 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate are open with the governorships of 37 of the 50 states to be decided at a very critical time economically and politically here in the United States. Both the Democratic and Republican parties are claiming that their candidates will do good on election day if they can get their people to go to the polls and cast their vote for the direction they want America to go in the future.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

As Americans go to the polls in this upcoming national election those who win will help set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Finally all the campaigning will be complete and the voters will or should go to the polls to exercise their franchise and cast their vote for the candidate of their choice. The candidates have been telling the voters of the critical issues that the next elected officials in the United States Congress will have to deal with which will set the direction of the United States body politic for the future. Some voters have been trying to make sense of the political rhetoric that has permeated the print media and the air waves for a number of months.

I am not going to predict the outcome of the elections because I am not a prophet nor the son of a prophet. However, I will predict that those elected will indeed make decisions that will set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. I can make that statement because of what the scriptures say in Romans 13:1 where the Bible tells us that those elected will be ordained by God. God instituted human government in Genesis 9:6 and has used human government down through the centuries to accomplish His will for humankind. God is today and will in the future continue to use human government to accomplish His will that is according to Revelation 17:17 where it says that the Lord will put into the hearts of world leaders and elected officials to do His will. God will use human government elected by man to fulfill Bible prophecy.