May 17, 2021

Hamas tells Israel to leave the Temple Mount or be bombed with hundreds of missiles

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JD: David what do you know about the Hamas ultimatum to Israel to get off of the Temple Mount or one hundred times more rockets will fly into and aimed at Jerusalem? What do you know?

DD: Well they issued that on Wednesday just as on Monday they said Israel must pull out of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood north of Jerusalem where some of this trouble began several weeks ago. Of course it all did begin in Jerusalem and has now spread everywhere. Of course the Israeli's are not going to leave any part of Jerusalem. They have a police station up on the Temple Mount that they are going to continue to maintain. 

There was indeed another barrage of rockets soon after that deadline that they had issued. But the fact that they're issuing these ultimatums to Israel indicates that they are prepared for a fully wide war here. I can tell you that the assessment at the end of the week was that Israel has done tremendous damage to the Hamas infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. It hasn't stopped that group and Islamic Jihad from firing hundreds and hundreds actually its thousands now of rockets into Israel. 

And Jimmy on Friday during the funeral of a 5 year old Israeli boy killed in one of the rocket attacks near the Gaza Strip the funeral was in the near by town and just as the father finished his eulogy for his son rockets started landing everywhere and attendees had to disperse. That shows how callous Hamas is and deliberately trying to kill Israelis. The Israelis of course are trying not to kill as many Palestinian civilians as they can. But 6 were killed on Friday in the West Bank reports said as rioting spread there to almost everywhere. Jimmy its happening. 

JD: David Dolan reporting on the Hamas ultimatum for Israel to leave the Temple Mount or be bombed with hundreds of missiles.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Once again the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the focus of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. That conflict has spread to many cities across the Jewish state and to the Gaza Strip as well. Hamas has been firing hundreds and thousand of missiles and rockets at not only the southern end of Israel but as far north as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The Israeli air-force has responded with airstrikes that has destroyed much of the Palestinian military operation in the Gaza Strip. Bible prophecy foretold this scenario in Zechariah 12:2&3. Today we are watching Bible prophecy being fulfilled.