February 15, 2017

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp is a radical Messianic Military Unit under command of Islamic Clerics

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JD: The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp is the elite unit, military unit, as far as Iran is concerned, and the area of Syria, of Iraq, of Yemen; but now the United States considering designating them a terrorist group. Is that going to follow through and will it mean anything?

KT: Yes, it would be very significant. It kind of baffles me that they haven’t been designated a terrorist organization by the state department until now. Although, for the past 8 years the state departments been run by people who thought Iran is not a threat to the United States but a friend and they’ve ignored the murder of hundreds of American soldiers in Iraq by Iranian agents using explosively foreign projectiles; very very deadly battlefield IED’s.

But yes, it will make a big difference putting the IRGC on the terrorism list. It will prevent US corporations from having any business dealings with them and it might sound kind of strange to our listeners but you’d be surprised, the IRGC is not just a military organization. They own vast swaths of the Iranian economy, including a great deal of their industrial production, and they have a controlling interest of much of the oil industry. So if you are buying Iranian oil chances are you’re doing business with the IRGC. So this designation would put much of that Iranian oil off limits.

JD: Well a religious military unit basically because the Ayatollah has an eschatology, which believes Iran will actually rule the world when the Mahdi, the Messiah comes out of Iran and sets up a world wide caliphate. Is not the Ayatollah the number one commander and chief of this Islamic terror organization, the Revolutionary Guard?

KT: Absolutely, you bet. They report directly to him, they do not report to the president or to the presidents cabinet but to the Ayatollah. So yes, they are his personal military arm to do with what he wishes.

JD: Ken Timmerman from Washington DC.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled.

You know Iran’s eschatology, in other words there religious philosophy of the last days is driving the Islamic Republic and Iranian religious leaders to strike out at the big Satan, the United States and the little Satan, Israel. They’re striking out with a determination to destroy both of these nations.

Iran’s eschatology states a religious world power with headquarters in Jerusalem will come about in the last days. As we stand on the side an observe Iran’s daily actions we can realize that it’s radical eschatology is focused on the Jewish state of Israel and is about to unfold.