July 02, 2021

There are Biblical reasons for Christians to take a stand against abortion

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JD: Very important discussion. David, I know we've discussed this issue before but as we're wrapping it up today I would like for you to briefly mention some of the reasons why believers should stand firmly against abortion. I want you to do that from a medical, logical, and Biblical prospective.

DJ: Well Jimmy let's first think about this from the medical and scientific prospective. I just sent you a couple of days ago a CNN article about the birth of the world's most premature baby who has made it to his 1st birthday after beating 0% odds of survival. That baby was 131 days early which is only about one week past the halfway point of a normal pregnancy. That baby weighed less than three quarters of a pound. 

Jimmy, I've said for years that this viability day is going to ultimately get pushed back to the fertilization stage I think. And I think it's completely possible that one day a full pregnancy will one day happen outside the womb. So then that begs the question where along that line does life start? Logically and psychologically if a fetus is nothing more than part of a women's body why is it that those women's who have appendectomies for example don't experience the same since of traumatic loss that so many report after abortion. 

Then looking at it Biblically in Psalm 139 David wrote that his frame was hidden in his mothers womb and God had ordained all his days. In Galatians Paul refers to himself as being separated by God from ministry by his mothers womb. The Lord told Jeremiah in chapter 1 that he had sanctified made him a prophet before he was born. In the law someone who caused a miscarriage was guilty of murder. Then finally we need to remember God took on human flesh at the moment Mary was overshadowed by the holy spirit and Jesus was a human person from the moment of conception. 

JD: David James, Bible in hand, giving us the Biblical reasons for Christians to take a stand against abortion.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

On many issues that a Christian will confront in the last days they can go the word of God, the Bible to determine how we can deal with these issues. On the issue of abortion God's word is absolute. As David mentioned Psalm 139 is a key chapter on abortion. It says we are wonderfully made in the womb of our mothers. Speaking of when life begins Jeremiah 1:5 says that life actually begins in the mind of God in eternity past. God's word is absolute on the abortion issue.