March 08, 2017

The official Palestinian Authority Facebook site is calling for Palestinians to murder Jewish people

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JD: We’re going to Israel. Itamar has a team it’s called Palestinian Media Watch, Facebook for the Palestinian Authority has been used for inciting terrorism. I understand why they would shut it down I can’t understand why they reopened it. What do you know about this?

IM: It’s absolutely correct what you’re saying the official Facebook page of Fatah, which is a party of Mahmoud Abbas has been promoting terror for a number of years now. In fact, Palestinian Media Watch has been the organization that’s been exposing it. We’ve exposing 30 or so examples just in 2016 alone ,of terror promotion, hatred promotion using the map that turns all of Israel into Palestine.

During the height of the terror wave that was happening in 2016, Fatah posted a promotional video on their Facebook page which was promoting the murder of Israeli’s and what you saw was a 6 minute video young men, probably in their early 20’s planning an attack together. There are no words you just see the pictures. You see them literally taking the knives; I mean of course these are actors, they’re all actors but they take the knives they slit the throats, they stab them, one of them they run over with the car. This is on the Facebook page. Now, that’s explicit promotion to murder. One of the murders who started the entire terror wave Fatah celebrated his murders and then announced they would bring earth from the al aqua mosque to put in his grave because he is such a hero.

It’s glorifying murder, promoting murder. Now the outrageous thing is the Fatah closed it down as they should have but the worse thing was when they put it back up they put it back with all these same items, all the same description of that same video promoting murder. It can still be seen today. Facebook put that murder making video on the internet right now for people to see. So, they were passive when they left it there when Fatah did it. Now they’re actively putting these murder promotion videos on the internet and that’s what Facebook did just yesterday. 

JD: Itamar Marcus he heads up Palestinian Media Watch and gave us the details behind the story of the Palestinian Facebook site. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Palestinian people have more judgment pronounced upon them in the Bible than any other people group. Today’s Palestinians are the Edomites of Biblical times all descendants of Esau. The Lord in Malachi chapter 1 said that when the Palestinians would come back to Israel, that He would call their borders the borders of wickedness.

In Jeremiah 49:18 & 19 the Lord tells the Palestinians that they will be a people like Sodom and Gomorrah; they will be totally destroyed. Obadiah verses 15-18 says that they will be a people as if they had never been.