January 03, 2014

Today we're going to have David James who travels all over the world teaching God's Word look back with us at 2013 and then into the future of 2014 talking about the Post-modern Prophetic Paradigm

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Jimmy: Let's talk about a phrase, the phrase is a Post-modern Prophetic Paradigm. Talk to us. Explain what that means.

Dave James: Some guys who are doing what I would call some pseudo-science, pseudo-history, pseudo Biblical studies and they're combining a number of things and the reason it's called Pos-modern is Post-modernism itself is a philosophy that really doesn't have a lot of objective meaning to it and your supposed truth you can arrive at can come from many different sources, combine that with the prophetic scenario and it starts getting really confusing.

Jimmy: Well, over the last couple of years would you not agree that a lot of people have been going to fictional novels to come up with their doctrine on Bible prophecy and is that a threat, using fiction to try to understand the future?

Dave James: The way I describe it is when you're talking about fiction in the Christian realm you're either talking about fictional theology which is obviously heresy by definition or you're talking about theological fiction which means that they're simply using fiction as a vehicle to communicate what they believe is theological truth.

Jimmy: The Body of Christ and individuals in churches are seemingly not willing or ready to study Bible prophecy or to study the Word of God, that should be a goal for all of us in this coming new year should it not?

Dave James: Yes, it sure should. Eschatology and the study of prophecy is a litmus test of how you approach the entire Bible and the conclusions you come to concerning prophecy, last things eschatology, those conclusions are based upon your approach to the Scriptures, how you interpret them and if there are problems in that specific area then it's going to point to problems in many ways in which you handle the Word of God.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Let me remind you that David can only forecast into the future based upon his thoughts from his research and his experience in the area of teaching God's Word and David would agree that God's Word is the only absolute in the area of Bible prophecy. May I suggest a couple of prophetic passages  with a focus on the issues that we discussed with David James?

First of all, that Post-modern Prophetic Paradigm was talked about when Jesus said in Matthew 24:11 to be aware of false teachers. The rise of false teachers and false doctrine is going to be a scenario that plays out in the last days according to God's Word, I Timothy 4:1-2 when they will be teaching the doctrines of demons. Timothy got the exhortation from Paul to study God's Word, II Timothy 2:15, because all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable, II Timothy 3:15.

Let me remind you, God's Word is the absolute as we look into the future.