November 23, 2016

The Worldwide Flood some 4500 years ago is the reason that the Indians were in America when the Pilgrims arrived

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JD: Now Don, on this special addition of the Thanksgiving program here on Prophecy Today this question came up in my mind as I was putting everything together, but I’ve got to ask you the main question as we think about Thanksgiving. These pilgrims arrived in 1620 there at Plymouth Rock. I want to know where did these Indians come from? How did they get over here?

The flood had wiped out everybody except 8 people Noah, Shem, Ham, and Jepheth his 3 sons and their 4 wives. How did the Indians get to America?

DD: Certainly Native American Indians are related to Noah’s family and to Adam and Eve even previous to that. I would prefer to think the separation of the continents, which did occur, was more of a flood event. Now we talk about Pangaea one land mass and I would expect that would have been the world from the time of Adam till the time of Noah, one land with surrounding water.

During the one-year flood while the earth is submerged under water the fountains of the deep breaking loose, that’s when the beginning of the continents start to show up. Then the question remains well then how did the Indians get to North America. There’s more to the story. In the centuries following the flood we had what’s called an ice age, not a million years ago but in Old Testament times a Biblical ice age. Great amounts of ice formed in the polar areas, so ocean levels dropped by hundreds of feet.  And what this does Jimmy, is it opens up land bridges, not narrow paths but a hundreds of miles wide paths.

 In fact people are going to spread out during this ice age during the flood going toward warmer places.; so we see time there for people to spread out during the ice age, then they get isolated in different continents, including North America, and then the populations different places around the world continue to grow.  

JD: Scientist, Dr. Don DeYoung with the Biblical background on how the Indians got to America.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

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In the last days men will deny the fact of a worldwide flood and at the same time deny the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ back to the earth.

II Peter 3, reveals that in the last days men will reject the Biblical record of the flood that is found in Genesis 6,7 & 8. They will deny that Jesus Christ confirmed that record, Matthew 24:37 and by doing so they will prove the truth that indeed Jesus Christ is coming back to the earth.