August 15, 2017

United States military personnel will be fighting side by side with the radical Islamic terror group, Hezbollah

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JD: The Minister of Education, Minister Bennett who has put out a report he said we’ve been blinded by the threat of Islamic State and ignored Iran. Well, Iran’s going to join in there and Russia at Israel’s northern border 5 miles away. We need to pay attention to what Iran’s doing. Islamic State probably is not the number one target as far as Israel and other Middle Eastern nations are they?

KT: Well that’s right and again you have this kind of upset of alliances and this confusion of alliances. It’s unclear who’s on which side these days. In the fight against ISIS you have the estrange bedtauls as you have. You have Syria, Iran, and Russia on one side. And now it appears the United States is aligning itself but with that alliance against ISIS. We must be careful that in our determination to eradicate ISIS that we do not embolden Iran embolden Russia.

This is one of the problems with Henry McMaster who’s the National Security Advisor. He is seen as someone who is very much engaged in the fight against ISIS but pro Islamic Iran, pro Syria and not as worried about Russia as the way some others are. He seems to be the one behind this new alliance and who also has agreed to send US troops to Lebanon where they will be fighting side by side with Hezbollah.

JD: Ken Timmerman normally on the catbird seat in Washington this time he is in Sweden as he gives us the details on how the United States military will be fighting side by side with Hezbollah.

We report this story because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Hezbollah has been declared an Islamic terror organization located in Southern Lebanon on Israel’s northern border. Hezbollah is the Iranian surrogate terror organization, which came into Lebanon in 1982. They’re the ones who bombed the Marine barracks killing over 250 Marines.

Hezbollah sponsored by the Iranian Islamic republic, which is the state that supports and arms this radical group. Iran is excited to see that the United States will join forces to destroy Islamic State and work hand in hand with Iran. That scenario is found in Bible prophecy and is referred to as the Gog Magog war. The only difference is that the United States is not mentioned in Bible prophecy, in Ezekiel 38, Psalm 83, or Daniel 11:40-46. The nations mentioned in these prophecies and mentioned in this report are the ones that will fulfill these prophetic passages.