October 23, 2020

Your method of interpretation is key for both Preachers and Supreme Court Justices

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JD: The difference between how Liberal and Conservative Supreme Court Justices actually decide cases that they hear.

DJ: It's important because the framers of the Constitution wrote it from a Judeo - Christian world view which we've mentioned before. Now some of those framers had very bad theology but it's undeniable the Biblical principles do undergird the Constitution. Liberal Justice tend to be what are called living Constitutionalist who see the Constitution as a living document that must be interpreted and applied according to the evolving cultural context. Now Conservatives tend to be originalist who see the Constitution as a fixed and stable document that must be interpreted according to the intent of its authors and how it was understood by those who ratified it. So the text means what it said. So the question for them would be what did this mean when it was written. 

Jimmy, when a country that was established on Biblical principles moves away from those principles then this drift is only going to accelerate if neither the Legislative nor the Judicial branches of government have an anchor for decision making. 

JD: And talking about living Constitutionalism vs Constitution Originalism it sounds a lot like the differences between Liberal and Conservative theology. Do you think there's a connection between the two David?

DJ: Jimmy, I absolutely think there's a significant correlation between the two. And there are reasons why across the board Liberalism or Conservatism exists and it's because of competing world views. Theological Conservatives take the Bible seriously and work hard to figure out what God was saying to the Biblical writers in their own historical context and to apply those principles to influence culture because they believe in absolute truth. On the other hand theological Liberals tend to see the Bible as largely or entirely a human book written by fallible people just trying to explain and deal with situations in their historical context. So they allow their interpretations to be influenced by culture, our own culture, the modern culture, the present day culture and they tend not to believe in absolute truth. 

JD: David James with Bible in hand explaining why a method of interpretation is key to both preachers and Supreme Court Justices. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The method of interpretation is so important to both preachers who work to see what God wants us to know and Supreme Court Justices who need to understand what the writers of the Constitution were setting in place as the law of the land. One thing for sure we need an anchor for our decision making process, the Bible is that anchor.