March 16, 2018

Many Ivy League schools, including Harvard, have stepped away from their original purpose to train preachers

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JD: Harvard’s history is basically the same as many other Ivy League schools all of which have moved away from the vision of their founders has it not?

DJ: Well that’s true and you know my guess is that the current generation but certainly the millennials and those in the previous generation really would have no idea. They don’t know the history of these Ivy League schools like Harvard and Yale and Princeton and some others that their original purpose was actually to prepare and train a ministers in the new world here on this continent. The opportunity to teach and train young men to be ministers and missionaries to establish the word of God in this new nation.

JD: David, I’m sure you would agree one of the things we know for sure is that history is not in favor of schools, Christian organizations, and even churches that stay true to their original mission are they?

DJ: As we move deeper into what we have said before, as we move deeper into the last days and even the last hours of the last days we look back in history and we see that there are many things that we should take note of and what we frequently see is that the organizations even Bible institutes, Bible colleges, Christian colleges, Christian universities, Seminaries even move further away from their division of their founders and even changing doctoral statements. So, eroded away. It doesn’t happen just in a moment of time. People are not holding to their original commitments to evangelizing the world believing that Jesus Christ is the way the truth in the life.

And then churches, we’re seeing this crisis. As I traveled around the world I’m in eight to ten countries every year and the crisis I’m running into the story is the same everywhere I go that there movements and developments that are actually shaking the foundations of the church, the conservative evangelical church around the world.

JD: David James with details on how universities, Christian schools, and even churches are moving away from God’s plan for today.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David’s report is evidence that we are living in the days the apostle Paul wrote about in first century Christianity. Paul wrote in I Timothy chapter four that in the last days the church will be seduced by evil spirits and followed doctrines of demons.

In II Timothy chapter three it describes the same issue saying that the church will have a form of Godliness but deny the power of that Godliness. These prophetic passages describe the time just prior to the rapture of the church, which by the way could happen even today.